Wohali Utah (Loan)

Rural Targeted Employment Area (TEA) Location
Qualifies for 20% Visa Set Aside and Faster Processing
Start Today with Less than $800K

Wohali Utah Is a High-Quality, Low-Risk Rural EB-5 Loan Investment Opportunity with Multiple Safety Features

Wohali Utah is a best-in-class EB-5 project in a rural targeted employment area (TEA). As a rural TEA project, the minimum investment is only $800,000, and investors benefit from faster I-526E processing and access to set-aside EB-5 visas.

EB-5 funds will be used to develop a single-family home community in Park City, Utah. The development is underway, with significant progress on the golf course, manor house, and houses. Over 574 jobs have been created as of September 30, 2023.

Wohali Utah’s development team has over 30 years of real estate development experience. They have been involved in a variety of projects, including commercial buildings, golf courses, resorts, and luxury homes. The golf course was designed by David Boyden, an award-winning designer.

EB5AN is an EB-5 investment fund manager, USCIS-approved regional center operator, and consultancy. EB5AN helps investors immigrate to the United States through investments in U.S. businesses under the EB-5 program. EB5AN has a track record of excellence and a 100% approval rate from USCIS on all prior regional center projects.

Immigration and Financial Safety Features for Investors

Wohali Utah is a compelling rural EB-5 project with an array of features that limit immigration and financial risk.

Secured Loan Structure

EB-5 investments will be used to make a loan to fund the Wohali Utah project. This loan is secured by mortgages on thousands of acres of land as well as a 100% equity pledge from the development entity.

Job Creation Guaranty

Construction for the Wohali Utah project is already underway. Over 574 qualifying EB-5 jobs have already been created for EB-5 investors. Beyond this, Wohali Utah provides EB-5 investors with a job creation guaranty. This guaranty means the developer will spend enough money on qualifying costs to ensure all jobs are created as planned.

Priority I-526E Processing

Because the Wohali Utah project is located in a rural TEA, USCIS will prioritize investors’ I-526E petitions. With priority processing, immigrant petitions are adjudicated in months instead of years. An investment in a rural project also gives access to rural set-aside visas, which account for 20% of all EB-5 visas. Having access to set-aside visas means fewer immigration delays.

I-526E Approval Refund Guaranty

EB-5 investors in Wohali Utah benefit from an I-526E approval refund guaranty. This guaranty means that if an EB-5 investor’s I-526E petition is denied by USCIS, he or she will generally be able to receive a prompt return of his or her money.

Form I-956F Exemplar Approved by USCIS

Wohali Utah has received Form I-956F exemplar approval from USCIS. This approval means that USCIS has reviewed the project’s documents and found them to be compliant with the EB-5 program. By approving Form I-956F, USCIS has agreed that Wohali Utah is in a rural TEA. USCIS also accepted the project’s job creation methodology, EB-5 loan security, and other safety features. As a result, investors can have greater confidence that an investment in Wohali Utah should result in a permanent Green Card.

Wohali Utah
Community and Golf Course (Loan)

Wohali Utah

best western

EB-5 Offering Terms

Project DeveloperWohali Partners
EB-5 Offering$79,200,000
Min. Investment$800,000
StructureSecured Loan
ReturnFixed Preferred Return
Term5 Years
I-956F ExemplarUSCIS Approved
Download USCIS Approval Letter
I-526E FilingsNow Available
Multiple Approvals
Project SecuritySecured Loan with Mortgages and Equity Pledge, I-526E Approval Refund and Job Creation Guaranties

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Wohali Utah Project Highlights

Wohali Utah is a compelling rural EB-5 project that offers investors a clear path to a Green Card with limited immigration and financial risk.

Wohali Utah Full Project Video

For more insight into the Wohali Utah project, watch the following informative video:

Wohali Utah Multiple EB-5 Investors Approvals from USCIS

Wohali Utah January 2024 Construction Update Video

Wohali Utah July 2023 Construction Update Video

Request Wohali Utah Financial Statements

Financial statements provide an overview of a project’s financial health. These documents including information on revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, and profitability.

Before investing in any project, an EB-5 investor should ask to review all key financial documents to assess the project’s viability. By reviewing a project’s financial statements, an investor is able to check for potential risks before making an investment decision.

At EB5AN, we believe that transparency is vital to investors making informed decisions. If you are a foreign national looking for a low-risk EB-5 project, we are happy to share the financial statements for the Boynton Beach Multifamily project with you.

Simply send your request via email to sam.silverman@eb5an.com.

Wohali Utah Project Webinar Video Recording

Wohali Utah Project Introduction Download

The EB-5 program is complex, and each project is unique. EB-5 investors should take their time to thoroughly review a project before investing. Request a Wohali Utah project download to discover how this project fulfills all EB-5 visa program requirements.

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    Wohali Utah Project Location

    Wohali Utah located at 721 Icy Springs Rd, Coalville, Utah, 84017. Explore this location and nearby stores, services, and attractions using the map below:

    Wohali was established by partners David Boyden, John Kaiser, and Thomas Cottone to develop the Wohali Utah project. The team has over 30 years of experience in construction and real estate development, including commercial and residential buildings, golf courses, resorts, and luxury homes across the United States and Mexico. Their background and vast experience in real estate development brought them together to build the Wohali Utah project, a unique community that will showcase an environmentally-conscious, family-oriented, and adventure filled lifestyle.

    EB5AN is a national EB-5 consulting and investment firm with a unique team from a diverse set of institutional backgrounds, which include the following:

    • business strategy
    • private equity
    • capital markets
    • real estate
    • securities, tax, and immigration law

    The firm’s diversely qualified professionals give it an advantage in identifying and structuring EB-5 deals from multiple perspectives. They work with established developers in the United States interested in creating economically feasible and financially sound EB-5 projects.


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