Overview & History

EB5AN Overview

EB5AN helps foreign investors obtain U.S. permanent residency, or green cards, through qualifying investments within the guidelines of the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, a U.S. government effort that encourages new investment in job-creating projects.

EB5AN is a government authorized EB-5 regional center operator, EB-5 consulting firm, and global investment fund manager with offices in the United States, India, Brazil, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, South Africa, and China. More than 2,300 families from over 60 countries have selected EB-5 projects sponsored by EB5AN regional centers. For more information about EB5AN, please refer to our company fact sheet and read a letter from our founder.

We work with foreign investors from around the world, matching them with qualified EB-5 investment opportunities. We also structure EB-5 projects in compliance with the EB-5 program. We are the only EB-5 regional center that not only works with EB-5 investors seeking passive investment opportunities but also with real estate project developers and entrepreneurs seeking to structure their own projects for EB-5 investment.

We have a 100% USCIS project approval rate2, and many of our investors are already living in the United States as permanent resident green card holders.

We have been featured in many well-known publications including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg, The China Wire and the Palm Beach Post.


Our History

Since the founding of EB5AN in 2013, the members of our executive team have been active leaders in the EB-5 industry, serving in multiple leadership positions and participating in speaking engagements both domestically and abroad. EB5AN is one of a select few in the EB-5 industry to have successfully closed and funded more than 15 EB-5 transactions representing more than $4 billion in project development with a perfect track record for both project immigration approvals and project development execution.

EB5AN has extensive experience in business strategy, investment evaluation, and securities, tax, and immigration law. Before founding EB5AN, our executive team advised Fortune 500 companies on growth and investment strategies and worked on some of the largest IPOs, securities offerings, and private equity buyouts.

On select EB-5 investment projects, EB5AN has partnered with the Kolter Group, one of the largest private developers in the United States. The Kolter Group has invested in real estate projects totaling more than $26 billion in value, has borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars over its 25+ year history, and has never not repaid a loan. All EB-5 investments in Kolter projects are in good standing or have been repaid.

Why EB5AN?

EB5AN’s proven EB-5 track record and years of experience make us one of the most active and established players in the EB-5 industry. We own and operate 10+ EB-5 regional centers that cover 48 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C., and we have worked on more than 200 EB-5 transactions across the United States.

Our goal is to work together with committed partners in the EB-5 industry to create economically feasible, financially sound, and transparent EB-5 investment projects that can be successfully funded by eligible foreign investors, who will achieve successful immigration outcomes.

Since our founding, we have delivered on our promises to EB-5 investors by funding institutional-quality real estate development projects that not only meet the immigration requirements of the EB-5 program but also provide a level of financial security that remains unmatched in the EB-5 industry. All our available and closed EB-5 regional center projects are in full compliance with USCIS EB-5 requirements, with all required jobs already created or in process, and all invested capital remains secure for our EB-5 investors.

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