EB-5 Investor Testimonial:
Michael from Germany

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EB-5 Investor in the EB5AN Saltaire Urban EB-5 Project


I originally moved to the U.S. because my company is both in Germany and the United States. Although we moved with an E-2 visa, it is not an immigration visa, so it will not lead to a Green Card. For this reason, we decided to go down the EB-5 visa road.

Before I was introduced to Anahita George by EB5AN, I had interviewed about seven other firms. Although they were all good, Anahita was super responsive. When I’d send her a message, she would respond within one hour, tops! That is what convinced me to go with her.

Anahita was also really great in answering any questions I had, not only about EB-5, but also about the whole process.

If I had to give advice to other investors, I would say that reputation is one of the most important parts. For example, some attorneys can be a bit fishy, so I would stay away from one that has a direct relationship with any regional center.

I looked at the reputation of the builder, in this case, Kolter, which has been managing Saltaire, the real estate development I decided to invest in. I did my research, and I feel that Kolter is one of the most reliable developers currently.

You should take a look at two things when investing to make sure your investment funds don’t get lost. Job creation: does it lead to the goal of the Green Card? Return on investment: what are the odds that you’ll get your investment back? You also need to be sure about the reputation of the developer and the attorney that you work with.

Full Interview with Michael from Germany
EB-5 Investor in the EB5AN Saltaire Urban EB-5 Project

Transcript of the Full Interview with Michael from Germany

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