Twin Lakes Georgia (Loan)

Rural Targeted Employment Area (TEA) Location
Qualifies for 20% Visa Set Aside and Faster Processing
Start Today with Less than $800K

Twin Lakes Georgia Is a Low-Risk Rural EB-5 Loan Investment Opportunity with Multiple Safety Features

Twin Lakes Georgia is a best-in-class EB-5 project in a rural targeted employment area (TEA). Because the project is in a TEA, the minimum investment amount is $800,000 instead of $1,050,000. This project offers investors many key features, including a loan repayment guaranty, a job creation guaranty, and priority I-526E petition processing.

EB-5 funds will be used to develop a single-family home community in Hoschton, Georgia. Twin Lakes Georgia is already a success, with over 530 of 1,300 homes sold to date.

The project’s developer is The Kolter Group. Kolter is a real estate development and investment company based in the United States. It is one of the top 25 largest private home builders in the Southeast.

EB5AN is an EB-5 investment fund manager, USCIS-approved regional center operator, and consultancy. EB5AN helps foreign investors immigrate to the United States through investments in U.S. businesses under the EB-5 program.

Kolter and EB5AN have worked together on over 10 prior EB-5 projects, all of which have been successful.

Immigration and Financial Safety Features for Investors

Twin Lakes Georgia is an excellent EB-5 project with an array of features that limit immigration and financial risk.

EB-5 Loan Repayment Guaranty

EB-5 investments will be used to make a loan to fund the Twin Lakes Georgia project. A Kolter parent company has provided a loan repayment guaranty, which means that if Kolter were unable to repay the loan on time, the parent company’s assets and equity would be used to fully repay the balance of the loan.

Job Creation Guaranty

Construction for the Twin Lakes Georgia project is already underway. Enough qualifying EB-5 jobs have already been created for all EB-5 investors. Beyond this, a Kolter parent company has provided a job creation guaranty. This guaranty means that Kolter will spend enough money on the project to ensure all jobs are created as planned.

Priority I-526E Processing

Because the Twin Lakes Georgia project is located in a rural TEA, USCIS will prioritize investors’ I-526E petitions. With priority processing, immigrant petitions are adjudicated in months instead of years. An investment in a rural project also gives access to rural set-aside visas, which account for 20% of all EB-5 visas. Having access to set-aside visas means fewer immigration delays.

I-526E Approval Refund Guaranty

A Kolter parent company has provided an I-526E approval refund guaranty. This guaranty means that if an EB-5 investor’s I-526E petition is denied by USCIS, he or she will generally be able to receive a prompt return of his or her money.

Twin Lakes Georgia
Single-Family Home Community

Twin Lakes Georgia
Single-Family Home Community


EB-5 Offering Terms

Project DeveloperThe Kolter Group
EB-5 Offering$80,000,000
Min. Investment$800,000
StructureSecured Loan
ReturnFixed Preferred Return
Term5 Years
I-956F ExemplarUSCIS Receipt Issued
I-526E FilingsNow Available
Project SecurityRepayment Guaranty,
I-526E Approval Refund Guaranty, Job Creation Guaranty

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Twin Lakes Georgia Project Highlights

Twin Lakes Georgia is a successful EB-5 project that offers investors a low-risk path to an EB-5 visa. Its financial safety is unparalleled.

Here are some of the key highlights of the Twin Lakes Georgia project:

  • Since 1997, Kolter has invested in over 180 projects with an expected value of over $24 billion, which include over 20,000 single-family homes.
  • Kolter has never failed to complete a project or repay a loan, and all EB-5 investments in Kolter projects are in good standing or have been repaid.
  • Kolter is among the top 25 largest private home builders in the United States and has won many single-family home building and marketing awards.
  • The project is in a rural TEA and qualifies for faster I-526E processing and a 20% visa set aside, which reduces waiting time for a Green Card after I-526E approval.
  • Construction is underway, with 530+ homes already sold.
  • $200+ million has already been spent on project development costs.
  • All required EB-5 jobs have already been created for all EB-5 investors.
  • A senior loan agreement is already in place with Third Coast Bank.
  • The EB-5 loan has a repayment guaranty from a Kolter parent company.
  • EB-5 investors have an I-526E approval refund guaranty from a Kolter parent company.
  • The project has a job creation guaranty from a Kolter parent company.
  • Job creation guaranty from Kolter parent company.
  • 14 prior EB-5 projects by EB5AN and Kolter; 100% financial success and USCIS project approval on all prior projects.

For investors who are already in the United States on another visa, investing in the Twin Lakes Georgia project will allow them to adjust their visa status and receive a work permit (EAD) and travel permit in as little as 60 days.

Twin Lakes Georgia Home Sales Updates

Sales of homes in the Twin Lakes Georgia project have remained steady since the start of the project. Take a look at some of our monthly sales statistics below:

Request Twin Lakes Georgia Financial Statements

Financial statements provide an overview of a project’s financial health. These documents including information on revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, and profitability.

Before investing in any project, an EB-5 investor should ask to review all key financial documents to assess the project’s viability. By reviewing a project’s financial statements, an investor is able to check for potential risks before making an investment decision.

At EB5AN, we believe that transparency is vital to investors making informed decisions. If you are a foreign national looking for a low-risk EB-5 project, we are happy to share the financial statements for the Twin Lakes Georgia project with you.

Simply send your request via email to

Twin Lakes Georgia Full Project Video

For more insight into the Twin Lakes Georgia project, watch the following informative video:

Kolter Homes: Built Around You 2023

For more details about Kolter Homes, watch the following informative video:

Twin Lakes Georgia EB-5 Investor Testimonial Highlights

We are pleased to share what past EB-5 investors have said about their experience with EB5AN and the Twin Lakes Georgia project.


Country of Birth: India
Investment Date: February 2023

“A few things stood out for me . . . including the pedigree of the founders. It gave me comfort to see that the folks I was corresponding with were highly qualified, intelligent individuals who have worked for global organizations.”


Country of Birth: Canada
Investment Date: April 2023

“We started to focus in more on the Twin Lakes project. In the event of a slowdown and a reduction in the speed of sales or the number of sales, the developer can slow down home construction correspondingly. There’s a flexibility to deal with slowdowns in the economy, which is not available for other projects.”


Country of Birth: India
Investment Date: February 2023

“I would definitely recommend EB5AN. It was great working with you because you provided a lot of detail and responded to my questions quickly. In addition, the videos that you provide helped me increase my knowledge on the whole EB-5 process, and I really appreciate that.”


Country of Birth: India
Investment Date: February 2023

“I think EB5AN is a very professional team. We had lots of doubts that were project-related and process-related, and EB5AN was very upfront about giving all the information. They were very responsive. Overall, I loved working with the EB5AN team to understand our doubts and make a decision to invest in an EB-5 project.”


Country of Birth: India
Investment Date: March 2023

“My expectations were . . . aligned with the Twin Lakes Georgia project, which is why I chose to proceed with EB5AN and Twin Lakes.”


Country of Birth: India
Investment Date: February 2023

“I would recommend EB5AN, as Mike was very responsive, the EB-5 project [Twin Lakes] seemed lucrative, and Mike went to great lengths to explain everything well and make the process as simple as possible. Everything was totally transparent and all this is what I was looking for.”


Country of Birth: India
Investment Date: April 2023

“Two aspects [are] very important for us . . . one is getting the Green Card, and the second one is the security of the investment. One [company] we zeroed in on straight was EB5AN. . . . Sam was very impressive. We zeroed in straight on Twin Lakes. [Kolter has] built over 20,000 homes. [Their] reputation [is] impeccable”


Relatives Country of Birth: Philippines
Gift Amount: $4.8 million

“I got involved in EB-5 is because my wife is Filipina and she has a large family in the Philippines; she’s been wanting for a long time to bring them here. Sam and his team were very easy to work with; they were responsive, they were patient.”

Twin Lakes Georgia Project Introduction Download

The EB-5 program is complex, and each project is unique. EB-5 investors should take their time to thoroughly review a project before investing. Request a Twin Lakes Georgia project download to discover how this project fulfills all EB-5 visa program requirements.

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    Twin Lakes Georgia Project Location

    Twin Lakes Georgia is located at 118 Hartwell Court, Hoschton, Georgia, 30548. Explore this location and nearby stores, services, and attractions using the map below:

    Twin Lakes Clubhouse Grand Opening Event

    The Twin Lakes Georgia Clubhouse grand opening event was a resounding success! Take a look at some of the highlights from the day:

    As one of the largest private developers in the United States, The Kolter Group LLC and its predecessors and affiliates have invested in real estate projects totaling over $24 billion in value (both realized and in process).

    The company is headquartered in South Florida and has five divisions:

    • Kolter Homes
    • Kolter Multifamily
    • Kolter Hospitality
    • Kolter Land
    • Kolter Urban.

    Kolter has developed thousands of single-family homes, condominium units, hotel rooms, and finished land lots in Florida.

    Kolter has borrowed billions of dollars over its 25+ year history and has never failed to repay a loan. All EB-5 investments in Kolter projects are in good standing or have been repaid.

    EB5AN is a national EB-5 consulting and investment firm with a unique team from a diverse set of institutional backgrounds, which include the following:

    • business strategy
    • private equity
    • capital markets
    • real estate
    • securities, tax, and immigration law

    The firm’s diversely qualified professionals give it an advantage in identifying and structuring EB-5 deals from multiple perspectives. They work with established developers in the United States interested in creating economically feasible and financially sound EB-5 projects.

    Kolter Homes is an award-winning Kolter real estate development brand that builds homes and master planned communities. Kolter Homes helps new home buyers find the right community, build their ideal home, and enjoy life in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

    Through its Cresswind brand, Kolter Homes develops communitiess for adults age 55+ accros the Southeast. These communities offer active adults new homes and activities designed for the way they live, both now and in the future.


    Erin Osborne is the founder and managing partner of EB5 Economist, an economic research firm specializing in analyzing the economic impact of EB-5 projects.

    The team at EB5 Economist has completed more than 100 EB-5 economic impact reports and is well respected in the EB-5 industry.
    The firm is based in South Florida and works with EB-5 projects nationwide.

    Founded in 2009, Customers Bank—publicly traded on NYSE with the ticker symbol CUBI—is a super-community bank with over $20 billion in assets.

    Customers Bank has a highly diverse client portfolio, including small businesses, individual clients, and private entities with net worths of over $100 billion. The company provides dedicated personal service for the businesses, professionals, individuals, and families with whom they partner.

    With its nationwide network of offices and operation centers, Customers Bank was listed #31 on the Forbes list of America’s Best Banks in 2023.

    Third Coast Bank is publicly traded under the ticker symbol TCBX on the NASDAQ Global Select market. The bank was established in March 2008 by a group looking to create a relationship-oriented bank committed to personal service and community contribution.

    Third Coast Bank distinguishes itself by exceeding customers’ expectations, building solid partnerships, maintaining the highest standards of ethical business conduct, being aware of and responsive to the community’s needs, and always being mindful that customers have a choice.


    Marcum LLP is one of the largest independent public accounting and advisory services firms in the United States, with offices throughout the United States, Grand Cayman, and China.

    They offer an extensive range of professional services and a high degree of specialization. Marcum is a founding member of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA).

    As the second-largest international professional association, LEA Global opens doors in the more than 106 countries where its 220 member firms operate.