Twin Lakes Investor Testimonial Highlights

EB5AN is proud to have a positive relationship with our clients who trust us with their EB-5 investments. We do everything we can to make sure each EB-5 investor is entirely satisfied, from our initial consultation through the end of the EB-5 process.

But don’t just take our word for it. Following are some testimonials from actual Twin Lakes Georgia investors.

In these testimonials, you’ll find some common themes.

Our clients choose EB5AN for our professionalism, communication, and experience. We are honest and transparent, with a focus on ensuring investors have all the information they need to make informed choices.

Our clients choose Twin Lakes Georgia because it has an experienced developer with impeccable credentials. Our EB-5 investors feel that they can invest with confidence since the project is already a success. And because Kolter has never failed to repay a loan, investors find it easier to trust that they will get their money back. And as if Kolter’s track record is not enough, the company offers an EB-5 loan repayment guaranty. Also, enough jobs are already created for every EB-5 investor to meet the job creation requirements of the EB-5 program.

Many of our clients choose Twin Lakes because it is in a rural TEA. This designation means investors get priority processing on their I-526E petitions and face no visa backlogs.

If you are interested in investing in an EB-5 project, we encourage you to schedule a one-on-one consultation. We would be delighted to have you become part of our community of hundreds of satisfied EB-5 investors.

Name: Siddarth
From: India
Occupation: Investment banker

Reason for Investing in an EB-5 Visa : H1-B visa due to expire at the end of 2023

Background: My name is Siddarth. I came to the U.S. in 2015 as a student to do my MBA at Duke. And post-MBA, I started working in investment banking. I was on the East Coast . . . and I’m based out of California now. My H1-B [visa] runs out by the end of 2023 . . . [so] we decided to . . . pursue the EB-5 visa.

Why EB5AN: A few things stood out for me when I discovered EB5AN, including the pedigree of the founders. Coming from a business school and investment banking background, it gave me comfort to see that the folks I was corresponding with were highly qualified, intelligent individuals who have worked for global organizations. It gave me the comfort that they are trying to run a clean shop and do things in a transparent manner as much possible. And in my interactions with Sam and other members of the EB5AN team, I could see that these folks were highly responsive.

I wholeheartedly recommend EB5AN.

Why Twin Lakes Georgia: I came across a couple of news items that talked about how Kolter had returned capital from its investors who had invested in certain projects during the global financial crisis caused by what was going on in the real estate market in the U.S.

This gave me a degree of confidence that the builder was trustworthy. They are not only building a brand of reliability and trust, but they are also making sure that whoever works with them—whether it’s a customer or investor—feels satisfied with the outcome of the projects they are a part of.

I went to Twin Lakes to visit the project and see what was going on for myself, and I confirmed that these guys were real.

Name: James
From: Canada
Occupation: Attorney

Reason for Investing in an EB-5 Visa : EB-5 is the best and most secure way to obtain a Green Card

Background: My name is James . . . I am an attorney by profession and have a lot of real estate experience. We ended up settling on the Eb-5 visa option because we felt . . . that EB-5 is the best and most secure way to obtain a Green Card.

Why EB5AN: A couple of things that I would note about EB5AN, your and Mike’s firm: I was very pleased to see, first of all, that you and Mike were available to respond specifically to questions with what I felt was a lot of expertise. You guys were available, you understood what you were doing. I felt that there was a level of professionalism and knowledge and experience that came through, and in the end, I had a very good feeling of confidence and trust in your firm.

Why Twin Lakes Georgia: We looked at a number of different projects. Most of them, I have to say, are very attractive, well-structured projects. Because we were only looking at the major regional centers with a lot of experience, most of the projects that they had seemed like solid, good projects with good players, good developers. There are solid projects, but there are differences. We ended up settling in on the Twin Lakes project because we felt that, given the economic climate right now, residential projects would be the least risky.

For an investor going into the EB-5 visa process, the number one priority (from my perspective), is that the application is accepted, that the conditional Green Card is received. And that the job creation requirements are met, so that when the I-829 application is filed, the permanent Green Card will be received by the investor and their family. . . . So, we really like the Twin Lakes project, from that perspective, because not only is it rural and has the priority processing (and hopefully, we’ll get the conditional approval faster), but the job creation requirement . . . has already been met.

Name: Ken
From: United States
Occupation: Retired Financial Services Professional

Reason for Investing in an EB-5 Visa :My wife is Filipina with a large family that she wants to bring to the U.S.

Background: [I am] Ken . . . from Queens, New York. I spent 30-plus years in the corporate world, mostly in financial roles, in financial services. The . . . reason I got involved in EB-5 is because my wife is Filipina and she has a large family in the Philippines; she’s been wanting for a long time to bring them here. We came across the EB-5 investment opportunity, which . . . seemed to be a very good fit for our goals.

Why EB5AN: I came across Sam Silverman and his organization [and] spent some time discussing the situation with him. . . . I like the fact that Sam has already locked in all the jobs. I saw the economist’s report on the job creation, and we’ve already satisfied the government requirements for job creation for each investor. And so, that risk has been minimized. . . . I would also say that Sam and his team were very easy to work with; they were responsive, they were patient. That also made me feel good about working with this team, that I could get help whenever I needed it.

Why Twin Lakes Georgia: One of the lawyers that I was referred to was Anahita George, who was the lawyer I eventually ended up going with. Not only was she easy to work with and available, but she herself is sponsoring her sister to come to the United States from India through the EB-5 program. And she has chosen to invest in the same project I did, the Twin Lakes rural project. So, that gave me some comfort that she was committed to the same project that I ultimately chose. I also spoke to another investor in the Twin Lakes project who was very enthusiastic about the investment; he had done due diligence on the project before I did and gave it a good review.

To my mind, the single most important factor that matters in a real estate development like this is the track record of the developer. . . . Kolter Homes has a long track record in the Southeast of developing residential real estate like the Twin Lakes projects. Given that track record, I felt that they would be an excellent source of investment and would produce the results I was looking for.

Name: Rahul
From: India
Occupation: Software Systems Professional

Reason for investing in an EB-5 Visa : EB-5 met all of our criteria

Background: My name is Rahul. I came to the U.S. as a student for my undergraduate degree . . . in finance. I was fortunate enough to work for a year, but then with all the H-1 regulations . . . I went back to getting my master’s. I ended up getting my master’s, and . . . I’ve been with [a software systems integrator] for about nine years.

As for choosing an EB-5 investment . . . we felt that it would provide us with a little more flexibility and certainty regarding our lives in the U.S.

Why EB5AN: I have three letters, and they are S-A-M. Whenever I spoke with [Sam], [his] professionalism, the way [he] communicate[s]—[he] never forced us to sign on any project without helping us as much as [he] can and letting us complete our due diligence. And just the overall vibes. That’s something that you cannot explain, but whenever I spoke with [Sam], I always felt confident that . . . EB5AN was the company that I wanted to invest through.

Why Twin Lakes Georgia: So, brand name was number one. When you hear about Kolter and the amount of undertakings they’ve had and their decades-long track record of completing successful projects—never defaulting on a loan or any sort of funding for that matter—that was a big, big thing for us.

Number two is the track record of sales within the Twin Lakes project. When I signed up with EB5AN, we were getting periodic reports of different projects, and Twin Lakes was one of them. I was looking at how they were constantly selling and getting bookings for their houses.

Number three, speaking with [Sam] and [my attorney] Anahita on numerous occasions, we got a sense of confidence that “Okay, these professionals have been in their respective areas of expertise for a number of years. And if they are talking so highly of this project, there must be some merit to the spiel.” It wasn’t just a sales pitch at that point.

Name: Sid
From: India
Occupation: Data Architect

Reason for Investing in an EB-5 Visa : EB-2 backlog was too long, while EB-5 has the least wait time

Background: My name is Sid. In 2017, I permanently moved to the U.S. with [my wife] . . . on the H-1B. [My wife’s] company had sponsored her Green Card through EB-2. But for a lot of people [from] . . . India, the Green Card backlog for EB-2 is really huge.

For the longest time, I had this false sense that [EB-5] was all a scam. [But] my dad was pushing me towards EB-5. [He] had signed me up for all these email[s] . . . regarding EB-5. I saw an email . . . that said “If you apply now, you can get your EAD, and there are no backlogs for Green Cards for Indian . . . nationals.” That is what caught my attention.

Why EB5AN: I ended up talking to pretty much all the major regional centers: CMB, CanAm, EB-5 Capital, EB-5 United, Pine State, Golden Gate Global. Nothing against anyone . . . [but] the regional center you work with, you have to be comfortable with it . . . [and] the project that they’re offering at that time. Twin Lakes was a good project that was already being constructed . . . with developers who were reputable and had a good track record, and a regional center that had a good track record who had been in the business for a while and that was responsive . . . That is what led me toward EB5AN.

The transparency was really good. I remember asking for a lot of documentation with regards to the developer. . . . I sent a huge list of questions, which I wanted in writing. . . . I did have that questionnaire answered, which was really good.

Why Twin Lakes Georgia: All the required jobs for all the EB-5 investors in the Twin Lakes project had already been created. So, if your source of funds is clean, there should be absolutely no reason why you do not end up getting a Green Card.

We went to Atlanta to look at the Twin Lakes project. . . . We were pleasantly surprised at how well the project was already doing because it was almost like walking into a project that was a few years into the process. . . . We were already interested in the project before we went there, but once we were there, we were pretty certain that this seemed as legitimate as possible.

Name: Ram
From: India
Occupation: Data Architect

Reason for Investing in an EB-5 Visa : EB-2 visa would take too long to process and approve; EB-5 was the ideal solution

Background: My name’s Ram. I came to the United States first on my F-1 visa to pursue grad school. After graduating . . . my employer did sponsor me for a Green Card through the EB-2 employment category, which was approved in May 2017, [but] ever since I’ve been stuck in this EB-2 queue waiting for a Green Card. Given that I had to wait about 20 years (at a minimum) to get my Green Card through the EB-2 queue . . . [I was] eager to find out what the other legal pathways were to a Green Card. . . . To be honest, the only other way that I found was EB-5.

Why EB5AN: Having worked with immigration attorneys who had filed EB-2s for my wife and friends, I realized that I needed to go with a smaller firm that could dedicate its time to me . . . [and] hold [my] hand throughout the process.

I wanted to go with regional centers who had at least 10 years of experience and had done this process end to end. That narrowed it down to only a handful of regional centers. Then the project component of it, specifically for an Indian national: I had to look for a rural project just to avoid being stuck in the EB-5 queue.

I would definitely recommend EB5AN. [EB5AN] include[s] the detailed docs and agreements and . . . [were] really quick in responses to my questions. Also, the educator videos on the channel . . . helped me increase my knowledge on the whole EB-5 process.

Why Twin Lakes Georgia: EB5AN’s and Kolter’s project, Twin Lakes, was definitely one of our top ones in the list. We researched more on this project by asking questions to Sam about things in the subscription agreement that I didn’t understand . . . which helped me narrow it down to the Twin Lakes Project.

[First], it’s a real estate investment. Second, it is a single family home community where the development happens as the demand for new homes come up. . . . The location definitely got [us] interested. Then . . . seeing a senior loan that’s funded from a lender that has financial muscle . . . means that someone had already done the homework, scrutinized the project, and funded it.

Name: Surya
From: India
Occupation: IT Project Manager

Reason for Investing in an EB-5 Visa: Was looking for faster ways to gain permanent residency

Background: My name is Surya. I came to the U.S. in 2015 on an F-1 visa and moved on to an H-1B visa in 2020. I work in IT as a project manager. I have my I-140 application approved and am in line to get a Green Card. But meanwhile, while looking at other options . . . [for] a faster way, I came across this investment opportunity and I chose to pursue it.

Why EB5AN: For me, the starting point was EB5AN, having the experience of my colleagues or family talking to EB5AN a year ago. . . . Since I already knew about EB5AN, I immediately started looking at EB5AN and its projects. Having heard of EB5AN . . . [and] the credentials of this regional center and of the people who established this regional center . . . I chose to proceed with EB5AN.

Why Twin Lakes: I came across . . . Wohali in Utah and . . . Twin Lakes in Georgia. I felt my expectations were a bit more aligned with the Twin Lakes Georgia project, which is why I chose to proceed with EB5AN and Twin Lakes. Also, as part of my evaluation, I came across the builders who were involved in both of those projects. With Twin Lakes . . . Kolter has an extensive experience with this kind of projects. They were part of multiple projects and they always paid their investors and also completed their projects on time.

Name: Mohan
From: India
Occupation: Company Director

Reason for Investing in an EB-5 Visa: Son has tried to get the H-1B visa through his employer four times without success

Background: I am Mohan . . . [and] I’m currently based in Lagos. My son is in the U.S. . . . [who] has tried to get the H-1B visa through is employer four times. All four times he didn’t get it. I heard about this option of the EB-5 investment route for a Green Card a couple of years ago through my brother . . . then we decided, “Yes, now we’ll go for EB-5 for my son.”

Why EB5AN: Two aspects [are] very important for us . . . one is getting the Green Card, and the second one is the security of the investment. One [company] we zeroed in on straight was EB5AN. . . . Sam was very impressive. Let me tell you that. You won’t believe. I just sent an email, and . . . he responded within an hour, and we . . . fixed the time for a call. . . . I found him very upfront, open, with almost an hour-long discussion. . . . He was transparent [and] that made me feel confident. . . . What he didn’t know, he said, “No, this cannot be done, or this cannot be assured.”

I also looked at the company’s performance. They started in 2013 and had been successful on 8+ projects they were already on. He explained . . . everything. [So] I had zeroed in on EB5AN, and decided to go with Sam.

Why Twin Lakes Georgia: We zeroed in straight on Twin Lakes. It’s small homes targeted for people who retire and who want to move in and settle there so that they can live comfortably with a lesser investment and they can live happily in the community. Already 440 homes are sold out. Kolter does not have a single project not completed, and not one loan repayment not done. Everything has been done. They are one of the top [twenty-]five private home builders in United States and have an excellent reputation. They [have] built over 20,000 homes. Reputation was impeccable.

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