Letter from
Samuel B. Silverman

Founder and Managing Partner of  EB5AN

However you found us, I am glad you did.

My name is Sam Silverman, and I’m the founder and managing partner of EB5AN, a leading EB-5 consulting firm and regional center operator.

I founded EB5AN in 2013 to offer EB-5 investors a best-in-class EB-5 investment solution with competitive returns and low fees. At that time, I was living in Beijing, China. I noticed that the EB-5 industry was replete with poorly structured, high-risk projects. I saw a need for an alternative. So, I recruited Michael Schoenfeld as my partner, and together, we formed this company.

We understand the American dream because we have lived it. We attended the top universities and worked at some of the world’s top firms—including Boston Consulting Group, AEA Investors and Nicklaus Companies —and we wanted to leverage our experiences to create an exceptional company that defied the status quo. We didn’t just want to make money—we wanted to make a difference.

We knew that to make a difference in the industry, we would have to do things differently. To that end, we formed a partnership with The Kolter Group, a developer in southern Florida with a nearly three-decade history of successful real estate development. Kolter has never not repaid a loan and has a 100% project completion rate. Additionally, all EB-5 investments in Kolter projects are either in good standing or have been repaid. We worked with Kolter to create EB-5 opportunities with low immigration risk and low financial risk—opportunities we ourselves would be comfortable investing in and that have been featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Through its partnership with Kolter, EB5AN has remained true to its vision to provide an alternative to the kinds of low-quality projects I saw saturating the market. We offer institutional-quality projects with industry-leading investor safety and best-in-class compliance practices. We strive to set the standard for transparency and compliance.

We now operate several regional centers with a geographic coverage of more than 30 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C. Our regional centers have sponsored more than 2,300+ investors from more than 60 countries, and we have a 100% project approval rate with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

EB5AN specializes solely in EB-5 investments. We pride ourselves in our level of knowledge and expertise. I have personally been engaged as an expert witness on a high-profile EB-5 case, and I’ve surrounded myself with a team of experts who understand the industry, who are well versed in the EB-5 application process, and who skillfully apply their knowledge to handle our clients’ needs—from project structuring to document creation.

Beyond these services, we can’t help but want to share what we know with others. From the beginning, our philosophy has been radical, industry-leading transparency. We offer a vast online knowledge base and several free resources, such as our EB-5 Guidebook, National TEA Map, Free EB-5 Job Creation Calculator, and a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos in multiple languages—all with the goal of helping investors make informed decisions about investing their hard-earned money.

At EB5AN, we believe you deserve the best information, the best service, and the best projects. We hold sacred the trust our clients place in us to carefully handle their investments. We treat our investors as we do our own families, and we strive to partner with our clients in accomplishing their financial and immigration goals.

I want to invite you to further explore our website, learn something through our extensive knowledge base for investors and developers, and take advantage of our free suite of tools.

If you are interested in having a conversation about the EB-5 program or our company and its services, I would be happy to speak to you personally. My desire is that you are well-equipped with the right questions to ask a prospective project so that you can make informed decisions.

Please use this link to schedule a call or reach out directly by email to Sam.Silverman@EB5AN.com, or send a text or a WhatsApp message to +1 (561)-386-5356.

Very truly yours,


Samuel B. Silverman
Founder and Managing Partner