EB-5 Investor Testimonial:
Hardik From India

Select Highlights of the Interview with Hardik from India
EB-5 Investor in the EB5AN Twin Lakes Rural EB-5 Project


I decided to go with Anahita George from George & Marzialo as my attorney for my EB-5 journey. I found her expertise and specialization in EB-5 with the immigration law were crucial and I understand her in-depth knowledge of the program’s complexity was vital for successful applications.

EB5AN, from my research, I started looking at it and for me I found that it’s a reputable and dependable EB-5 regional center, and that’s for several reasons. You guys have a deep understanding of the law, the immigration law, the real estate, and the financial.

Kolter’s impressive track record in real estate industry played a very pivotal role in my decision. They have extensive experience as well as a proven history of successfully completing their projects, and that was highlighted as well on their website that they have a proven track record of completing every single project 100%.

The detailed outline that all those jobs were actually already created for this project: that gave me relief that, once my I-526 is approved, I know that I can file for my I-829. I can be reassured that all those jobs are already created, my funds are legally sourced, and I have nothing to worry about in terms of getting the conditions on my Green Card removed.

Full Interview with Hardik from India
EB-5 Investor in the EB5AN Twin Lakes Rural EB-5 Project

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Why I Invested in EB5AN’s Twin Lakes Project

Great. Thanks, Hardik, that’s really comprehensive. All right, so now we’ve covered the immigration attorney side to preparing a successful application. And so next we’ll shift direction a little bit, and talk about another major component of a successful EB-5 application, which is the project.

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