EB-5 Investor Testimonial:
Rahul from India

Select Highlights of the Interview with Rahul from India
EB-5 Investor in the EB5AN Twin Lakes Rural EB-5 Project


When we started talking to Anahita about backlogged visa categories and rural getting 20% set aside, that basically was one of the main reasons why we said, “Okay, it is worth taking that risk in a rural project.”

On top of that, when we learned more about the Twin Lakes project after speaking with you and doing our due diligence, we felt that the risk was completely minimal, if non-existent. That’s when we went ahead with the Twin Lakes.

The brand name associated with the Twin Lakes project was a big yes for us. When you hear about Kolter and the amount of undertakings they’ve had and their decades-long track record of completing successful projects—never defaulting on a loan or any sort of funding for that matter—that was a big, big thing for us.

You never said, “Invest with us, otherwise I’m going to withhold all this information.” You were ready to present the information, and it wasn’t just about your projects, it was, “If you invest with us or through anybody else, these are the things you need to keep in mind.” And number two, looking at your track record, your pedigree, obviously those things are important to my wife and I—the infrastructure that you’ve put together. You can tell that you have a team of great individuals that are constantly working on getting things done.

Full Interview with Rahul
EB-5 Investor in the EB5AN Twin Lakes Rural EB-5 Project

Hi everyone, this is Sam Silverman, managing partner of EB5AN. Thank you for taking the time to join us today. Today, we’re doing an EB-5 investor interview with Rahul, one of our Indian EB-5 clients who recently invested in our Twin Lakes rural EB-5 investment project.

Why Make An EB-5 Investment?

Choosing an Immigration Attorney

Yes, responsiveness and ease of communication are absolutely critical because this is a multi-year relationship, and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. And like you said, with layoffs and with other things happening, timing can be very important.

Why Invest in EB5AN’s Twin Lakes Rural Project?

Concluding Advice for Investors

Yes, exactly. You’ve got to get only quality advice from an experienced industry participant, an attorney or regional center. EB-5 is definitely complex, but there are rules, there is a rule book. You’ve just got to have a team around you that will help explain everything and make sure you understand everything at the beginning.