EB-5 Investor Testimonial
Sid from India

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EB-5 Investor in the EB5AN Twin Lakes Rural EB-5 Project


For the longest time, I had this false sense that EB-5 visas were all a scam. After reading and researching everything I could, I realized that an EB-5 visa was the best way to get U.S. citizenship for my wife and me.

I recommend that you really do your research and speak to as many regional centers as you can. I spoke to all the major regional centers, and they were all really helpful and informative.

I would say that you have to be really comfortable with the regional center you decide to work with. You also need to review the project they are offering and decide whether it is going to be lucrative.

Another thing I was looking at when evaluating regional centers and projects was the capital stack. How much money is the senior loan? How much money are the developers putting in place? How much money is the EB-5 capital going to be? In my opinion, you want to go with a project that has about 40% to 50% senior funding. They have the developer’s capital and a small amount of EB-5.

You also want to have an attorney who is highly responsive. In other words, they should respond to your questions within an hour or two.

I would recommend EB5AN, as Mike was very responsive, the EB-5 project (Twin Lakes) seemed lucrative, and Mike went to great lengths to explain everything well and make the process as simple as possible. Everything was totally transparent and all this is what I was looking for.

Full Interview with Sid from India
EB-5 Investor in the EB5AN Twin Lakes Rural EB-5 Project

Transcript of the Full Interview with Sid from India

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