Twin Lakes Rural EB-5 Project July 2023 Update: Sales Continue despite High Interest Rates

EB5AN is proud to sponsor the Twin Lakes Georgia rural EB-5 project, a leading single-family home development near Atlanta, Georgia.

Twin Lakes is one of the most compelling rural EB-5 projects on the market today. It combines a high level of financial security with low immigration risk.

Despite a volatile economy and rising interest rates, Twin Lakes keeps moving toward completion. Although monthly sales dipped in July, overall sales and interest in the project remain strong. This confirms that Twin Lakes offers quality housing in a high-demand market.

July 2023 Sales Data for Twin Lakes

  • 3 new home sales in July
  • 14 new home closings in July
  • 531 homes sold in total
  • 395 homes closed in total

Why Twin Lakes is a Financially Strong Project

Sales for Twin Lakes remain strong in part because the target demographic is the 55+ market. The Twin Lakes community is for older adults and retirees, which is currently the wealthiest demographic in the United States.

A large influx of people is moving into the southeastern United States, which has driven real estate demand. Many wealthy retirees are looking for new housing in the Southeast, and Twin Lakes is meeting this demand.

The Twin Lakes community offers affordable, quality housing (ranging from $316,990 to $544,990) ideal for its target market.

A significant number of home sales in Twin Lakes are made in cash without a mortgage. Twin Lakes also enjoys a high rate of home pre-sales. As a result, Twin Lakes has continued to build new homes at a steady pace. The project has already made significant revenues from home sales.

Twin Lakes has already secured all the financing required to complete construction. With a revolving senior loan, Twin Lakes is able to adjust the pace of construction based on current market demand.

High demand in a wealthy market have driven sales, which means revenues. And revenues plus in-place financing have allowed Twin Lakes to adapt to changes in the economy and remain profitable.

Location and Amenities

Twin Lakes residents are able to enjoy pristine nature, lake views, and scenic walking trails while only an hour away from Atlanta, Georgia. Being close to a major financial, medical, and cultural hub makes Twin Lakes an especially appealing location for retirees.

With more than 530 homes sold, Twin Lakes already features several amenities for residents, including a state-of-the-art clubhouse, event spaces, a gym, and top-quality pickleball courts.

Success despite High Interest Rates

As of August 1, 2023, the U.S. federal funds rate was set at 5.25% to 5.5%. This is the highest interest rate since 2007.

Higher interest rates make it more difficult for real estate developers to secure financing. This is not an issue for Twin Lakes since it already has all its financing in place.

Higher interest rates also make home mortgages more expensive. The project’s target market, however, is financially strong and often does not rely on mortgages to buy homes.

The strong sales pace of Twin Lakes has continued into mid-2023, with a monthly average of 11 home sales from March to July.

The Kolter Group: A Leading Single-Family Home Developer

The Kolter Group is one of the leading real estate developers in the Southeast and manages a diverse portfolio of projects. Kolter has a proven record of success in developing single-family home communities similar to Twin Lakes. The company has developed over 20,000 single-family home units.

Kolter has never failed to repay a loan or complete a project. Since 1997, Kolter has invested in real estate projects with an estimated market value of over $24 billion.

What does all of this mean for EB-5 investors?

Twin Lakes is financially strong, which increases investors’ chances of getting a timely return on their invested funds. The project even offers a loan repayment guaranty for its EB-5 investors, providing an added layer of security.

Why Twin Lakes Is a Compelling EB-5 Project

Twin Lakes is a rural EB-5 project. The project’s rural status allows Chinese and Indian investors to avoid years of backlog-related delays through a rural set-aside visa. And all new investors in Twin Lakes qualify for priority processing of their EB-5 petitions.

A rural EB-5 petition was recently approved in only 11 months. This means that investing in Twin Lakes could potentially allow you to get your initial Green Card in a matter of months, not years.

Since creating at least 10 jobs is the main requirement for a permanent EB-5 Green Card, a project’s job creation is vital. Twin Lakes has already created all the necessary jobs for all of its EB-5 investors, which means it has low immigration risk for EB-5 investors.

Learn More about Twin Lakes

Projects with a strong financial and immigration profile like Twin Lakes are rare in the EB-5 market.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation with EB5AN to explore the rewarding opportunities that Twin Lakes and the EB-5 program have to offer.