Twin Lakes Rural EB-5 Project Opens New Clubhouse for Residents

Twin Lakes continues to add world-class amenities for its residents, which demonstrates the project’s significant financial success.

Cresswind Georgia at Twin Lakes, a 1,300-unit single-family home community, held the grand opening of its new clubhouse on March 4. The new clubhouse features a state-of-the-art gym, a lounge area, a game room, an indoor pool, a ballroom, additional event spaces, lakeside views, and other areas for Twin Lakes residents to enjoy.

This is the latest addition to the many other amenities available at Twin Lakes, and more than 500 residents attended the clubhouse’s inauguration events over the weekend.

With over 400 homes already sold, the opening of Twin Lake’s new clubhouse is further proof that this project is well-capitalized and well on track for completion. This makes it an ideal investment opportunity for EB-5 visa applicants.

More About Twin Lakes Georgia

The Twin Lakes Georgia community is being developed by the Kolter Group, one of the largest residential real estate developers in the Southeastern United States. Kolter has never failed to repay a loan or to complete one of its projects.

Kolter’s commitment to excellence is most recently demonstrated at the new clubhouse, with Twin Lakes residents marveling at the building’s elegant features and build quality. One satisfied resident said, “It’s amazing. Kolter’s done a really good job with the design of the clubhouse.”

Mark LaClaire, Kolter’s Director of Lifestyle, notes that “the residents are super excited to have access to the clubhouse. The new Club Cresswind is the centerpiece of this fantastic community, providing our customers the perfect atmosphere to create a real sense of belonging.”

Twin Lakes residents enjoyed a variety of events at the new clubhouse, including a full tour, a concert, and a game-watch party.

Besides the new clubhouse, Twin Lakes residents also enjoy access to scenic nature trails, two lakes, a resort-style pool, an art studio, and tennis and pickleball courts. The community’s lakeside location makes kayaking, canoeing, and other water sports popular activities for residents.

Homes at Twin Lakes feature regional-inspired architecture, and Kolter allows buyers to personalize their homes with a variety of finishes and other design options.

With a vibrant community of active adults, Twin Lakes is widely considered one of the most important residential housing developments in the Atlanta area in recent years. In fact, for the second year in a row, Twin Lakes was named the best-selling active adult community in Atlanta and the state of Georgia by MarketNsight.

Why Make an EB-5 Investment in Twin Lakes Georgia?

Twin Lakes Georgia is an exceptional rural EB-5 project that offers an exclusive value proposition to investors. With an experienced development team, proven market fundamentals, and an independent regional center, this project is a compelling investment opportunity for investors seeking to minimize their immigration and financial risks.

The Kolter Group: An Ideal EB-5 Project Developer

With over 20,000 homes built and more than $19 billion of expected value in residential, commercial, and hospitality transactions, the Kolter Group has a proven track record of success spanning more than two decades. Their operational footprint in the Southeastern United States positions Kolter to capitalize on emerging trends in the real estate industry.

Furthermore, the Kolter Group has extensive experience in EB-5 projects, having collaborated with EB5AN on several projects in the past. Their prior EB-5 projects have all been approved by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), providing investors with confidence in the project’s financial and immigration prospects.

Financial Stability

Twin Lakes Georgia has a sizeable portion of developer equity that contributes to the total development costs. Since the project involves building and selling single-family homes over an extended period, the capital required to develop the project is recycled as homes are continuously built and sold, minimizing the project’s financial risks.

Additionally, the development of Twin Lakes Georgia is not reliant on EB-5 investment, and there is no minimum EB-5 capital raise.

Proven Market Demand

The single-family home market surrounding the Twin Lakes Georgia project site is highly active. The long-term trend for single-family home supply in the United States is 30% below the historical average, providing ample room for growth.

Furthermore, with an increasing number of retiring seniors migrating to Sunbelt states like Georgia, demand continues to outstrip supply. Twin Lakes Georgia offers affordable homes, making it an attractive option, particularly for retirees.

EB5AN’s Expertise in Sponsoring EB5 Projects

EB5AN, the regional center sponsor for Twin Lakes Georgia, is an independent entity, separate from the developer. This ensures that the needs of EB-5 investors are prioritized without any conflicts of interest.

We have a wealth of experience in managing EB-5 projects and have facilitated more than $1 billion of investment under the EB-5 program. Our EB-5 offerings are low-risk, with more than 2,000 immigrant investors from over 60 countries having benefited from our services.

All Required EB-5 Jobs Already Created

One of the essential requirements for EB-5 investors is to demonstrate that their investment has led to the creation of at least ten new, full-time, qualifying jobs for US workers. Projects sponsored by regional centers can count both direct jobs on their payroll and indirect employment resulting from the project’s construction expenditures and revenue creation.

Twin Lakes Georgia has already created sufficient EB-5 eligible jobs to satisfy the ten-job requirement for all EB-5 investors who join the project. Only 510 new jobs need to be created to support the maximum number of EB-5 investors. Moreover, the project is expected to create a total of 6,945 qualifying jobs for EB-5 investors, providing investors with a higher probability of a successful immigration process.

With limited slots available for EB-5 investment, the Twin Lakes project is one of the premier offerings in the EB-5 market. It is also worth noting that Indian and Chinese applicants who invest in Twin Lakes may be able to immigrate significantly faster than otherwise possible thanks to the project’s rural status.

We invite you to watch this interview with a recent investor in Twin Lakes to learn why this is a unique opportunity for EB-5 visa applicants.

For more information on how to immigrate to the United States through an EB-5 investment in a successful project like Twin Lakes, contact EB5AN today.