EB-5 Investor in EB5AN’s Wohali Utah Gets Employment Authorization Document (EAD) in Only 75 Days

EB5AN’s Wohali Utah development, a best-in-class EB-5 project, has achieved a rare milestone in the EB-5 industry. One of the EB-5 investors in Wohali Utah has received an employment authorization document (EAD) only 75 days after submitting his I-526E petition.

This remarkably fast approval time for an EAD was even shorter than the 88-day wait time of a recent investor in EB5AN’s Twin Lakes project.

Both of these milestones indicate that EB5AN’s projects are fully compliant with USCIS requirements.

Our EB-5 projects enable investors to immediately adjust their immigration status and get an EAD in just days. Therefore, our investors who already live in the United States can live and work in the United States without restrictions soon after filing Form I-526E.

How to Get an EAD in Days Through an EB-5 Investment

Traditionally, the EB-5 investment application process was a slow and complicated one. However, the recent implementation of the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 (RIA) has revolutionized this process by enabling investors to obtain their EADs within days.

After investing in a US commercial enterprise, the first step for an EB-5 investor is to submit Form I-526E, which serves as proof of a qualifying investment and the initial application for an EB-5 Green Card.

Now, under the RIA, investors can file Form I-526E and Form I-485 at the same time. Form I-485 is used by non-immigrant visa holders to adjust their immigration status. Filing these forms together allows investors’ immigration status to change to “pending.”

Once the investor’s status is set to “pending,” they can apply for an EAD right away, enabling them to work legally in the US while their Green Card application is being processed.

The RIA has made significant changes to the EB-5 application process, enabling investors to navigate the process with ease, focus on their investment goals, and obtain their EADs quickly.

Why Adjust Your Immigration Status Through the EB-5 Program?

Non-immigrant visas impose a variety of restrictions on holders’ work authorization, freedom of travel, and other areas. Interestingly, many H-1B and E-2 visa holders have recently turned to the EB-5 program as a fast way to get an EAD and avoid these restrictions.

For example, H-1B visa workers can only work in a specified sector and must have employer sponsorship. If an H-1B worker is laid off, they have a very limited timeframe to find another sponsor—or have to leave the United States. Many tech workers on H-1B visas have recently been laid off, and they may be looking for a way to get an EAD quickly.

Filing the I-526E and I-485 petitions concurrently allows applicants to live and work in the United States without these limitations.

Indian and Chinese holders of non-immigrant visas may be particularly interested in making an EB-5 investment and adjusting their immigration status.

Indian and Chinese workers make up a significant percentage of the H-1B visa workforce, especially in the tech sector. However, both countries have a backlog of pending EB-5 applications.

Therefore, Indian and Chinese EB-5 investors often have to wait for several years before immigrating through the EB-5 program.

Under the RIA, however, Chinese and Indian investors can avoid these delays by investing in a set-aside EB-5 visa. The RIA allocates 20% of the EB-5 visa supply to investors in rural projects, while an additional 10% is set aside for investors in urban projects.

By investing in either project category, Chinese and Indian investors can obtain a “set-aside” EB-5 visa, avoid delays, and submit both Form I-526E and Form I-485. This streamlined process allows them to quickly receive an EAD and enjoy the benefits of living and working in the United States.

Indian and Chinese applicants who invest in one of the set-aside project categories can immediately adjust their immigration status through the I-526E and I-485 petitions. They will also be able to get an EAD much more quickly than otherwise possible.

It’s important to keep in mind that the availability of set-aside visas is limited and subject to an annual quota. As of April 2023, Chinese and Indian investors can benefit from this opportunity until the allocated set-aside visa supply is depleted.

The good news is that, for now, both rural and urban visa categories are open to all countries on the Visa Bulletin. However, interested investors must act quickly to take advantage of this opportunity before it expires.

Invest in the EB-5 Visa and Get an EAD in Just Days

For non-immigrant visa holders seeking to pursue their professional, academic, and personal goals in the United States, the EB-5 program offers a quick and efficient way to obtain an EAD without having to leave the country.

Our EB-5 investor’s achievement in obtaining an EAD in record time is a testament to the quality of our projects, which have a 100% USCIS approval rate and numerous investors who have successfully completed the concurrent filing process.

The RIA’s set-aside visas are a valuable opportunity for Chinese and Indian investors, allowing them to avoid the backlog and lengthy waiting times of the traditional EB-5 visa process. By investing in qualifying rural or urban projects, these investors can rapidly receive an EAD and begin reaping the benefits of living and working in the United States.

We welcome non-immigrant visa holders to consider the EB-5 program as a means of securing their future in the United States.

More About Wohali Utah

Wohali Utah is a 428-unit residential golf community just outside Park City, Utah. With a prime location in the Utah backcountry, rural TEA designation, a strong capital structure that does not rely on EB-5 funding, and a clear capital repayment term, EB-5 investors in the Wohali Utah project will enjoy a level of immigration and financial safety that is unparalleled in the EB-5 industry. EB-5 investors will also receive set-aside visas, priority processing for Form I-526E, and job creation and I-526E approval guaranties.

The project developer is 100% independent of EB5AN.

For more information about how to get an EAD in just days, schedule a free consultation with EB5AN and learn about the exceptional opportunities available through Wohali Utah and our other projects.