EB-5 Investors from Canada Pursuing an EB-5 Investment

Investors from Canada interested in making an EB-5 investment should consider investing in an EB-5 visa project with EB5 Affiliate Network (EB5AN).

Why Are Regional Centers So Popular with EB-5 Investors?

EB-5 regional centers facilitate the EB-5 investment process for prospective EB-5 investors and have a more lenient approach towards the job creation requirement. Unlike the direct investment model, regional centers permit EB-5 investors to count indirect and induced jobs towards their employment quota. Direct EB-5 investors must demonstrate that they employed full-time (W-2) workers and these workers remained employed for at least two years; by contrast, investors in regional center projects need only prove that their investment capital was utilized in accordance with their business plan.

There are a number of USCIS-approved regional centers offered by EB5AN. These regional centers are scattered broadly across the United States, which allows EB5AN to sponsor promising EB-5 projects without delay.

Green Card Benefits for Canadian EB-5 Investors

Outlined below are some of the many benefits of making an EB-5 investment for people from Canada:

U.S. Residency and Citizenship>

  • EB-5 is widely considered one of the quickest methods for a foreign national to acquire permanent residency in the United States. The status of permanent residency granted to an EB-5 investor would automatically extend to their direct family, including spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.
  • A Green Card holder who retires is entitled to receive any pensions earned abroad and in the United States. They may also be eligible for Medicare and other forms of government assistance.
  • After five years of having permanent resident status, Green Card holders will be eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship.

Job Benefits

  • EB-5 investors with Green Cards are permitted to live and work anywhere within the United States.
    • EB-5 investors have great variety in selecting where to live; options range from a mountain town in a quiet, rural region to a large, metropolitan city.
    • Certain states such as Florida and Texas have the added bonus of no state income taxes.
  • Visa or employer sponsorship is not required for the EB-5 program.
  • There is no need to obtain an H-1B visa for work authorization.

Travel Bonuses

  • Green Card holders are permitted to travel abroad without being denied reentry to the United States, though there are some relevant travel restrictions.
  • Green Card holders are permitted to travel anywhere within the United States.
  • If a political shift or consequential event takes place in the EB-5 investor’s home country, they and their family are entitled to gain immediate entry to the United States.

Education Perks

  • Green Card holders have access to free elementary, middle and high school educations, as well as reduced in-state tuition at public colleges and universities.
  • Having U.S. residency increases the chances of admission to a U.S. university by up to 350%.
    • Having a Green Card qualifies students for reduced in-state tuition, financial aid, and scholarships.
    • Permanent residents are entitled to apply for postgraduate employment positions and work jobs and internships while studying.

EB-5 Investment Eligibility Factors

The most important EB-5 investment qualifications are as listed:

  • Gathering the required minimum investment amount of $800,000 for projects located in rural areas or areas with high unemployment rates, designated as targeted employment areas (TEAs). Non-TEA projects have a required minimum investment amount of $1,050,000, but all EB-5 investment projects offered by EB5AN are situated in TEAs and therefore authorized for the reduced investment amount of $800,000.
  • Generating and maintaining a minimum of ten full-time jobs, to be filled by authorized U.S. workers that last for at least two years.
  • Making an investment in a qualified new commercial enterprise (NCE) or troubled business.
  • Continually fulfilling the “at risk” requirement and using investment capital that fulfills the lawful source of funds requirement.

How to Select the Best EB-5 Project for Investment

EB-5 investors from Canada should conduct due diligence by assessing the financial and immigration risk of a potential EB-5 investment project.

A successful EB-5 visa investment must comply to the “at risk” requirement. This means the EB-5 investor’s capital must be at risk for the entirety of the investment. This rule is in place to ensure investors actually invest their funds and don’t simply try to “buy” a U.S. Green Card.

“At risk” is not a directive for EB-5 investors to invest in high-risk projects. In fact, the opposite is true. EB-5 investors are encouraged to conduct extensive due diligence before selecting a project to avoid financial and immigration risk.

EB5AN and Klasko Immigration Law Partners collaborated to create the EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Tool. It is an accessible, highly efficient tool that helps EB-5 investors conduct initial diligence on EB-5 projects, highlighting both financial and immigration risk.

Download our EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Further Information about Canada

Canada: Population and Income Demographics

According to Statistics Canada, a census conducted in 2021 indicated that Canada has a total population of roughly just over 38 million, 84.2% of which consists of people over the age of 15. Recent statistics also show that the labor force consists of around 20.7 million people, of which 19.6 million are employed and 1.1 million are unemployed.

An Outline of the Canadian Economy

The second-largest country in the world after Russia, Canada’s land accounts for 3.8 million square miles. From the east coast to the west coast, Canada’s width reaches almost 4,700 miles, covering six different time zones. Canada’s current population density is 4 people per square mile, which makes it one of the world’s least densely populated countries.

The capital city of Canada is Ottawa, the largest city by population is Toronto, and the largest metropolitan area is the Toronto metro area. Canada’s 2010 gross domestic product (GDP) was $1.6 trillion. This suggests a compound annual growth rate from 2000 to 2010 of -0.6% and a per capita GDP of $47,627 (2010). As of 2022, Canada has the tenth-largest economy in the world by GDP.

Canada is one of the world’s largest exporters of oil and natural gas. In addition, Canada values its primary sector, which encapsulates the logging and energy industries. Canada is also one of the world’s largest producers of natural resources and metals, such as gold, nickel, copper, sulfur, etc.

EB-5 Investors from Canada

EB5AN has a number of investment-ready projects available to Canadian nationals. EB-5 investors from Canada can request information about projects that are sponsored by an EB5AN EB-5 regional center and are presently open to investment.

Canadian nationals looking to begin the EB-5 process are welcome to find out further information specific to the city they live in. EB5AN is available to assist investors from Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto, and other cities in Canada.

Canadian nationals hoping to make an EB-5 investment should know that the team at EB5 Affiliate Network is available to assist with any questions they may have. To learn more about EB-5 projects currently ready for investment, schedule a call by clicking here.

Consultation and Events for EB-5 Investors from Canada

EB5 Affiliate Network has a number of resources for prospective investors with questions about the EB-5 process. To schedule a one-on-one consultation with an EB-5 investment expert, please click here.

EB5AN also hosts a number of events across the globe, including in major Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver. These events are great opportunities for investors to get their questions answered. All events have free registration but limited space. To register for an event or peruse the list of available event dates and times, please visit the EB5AN event page.