EB-5 Investors from Toronto, Ontario Seeking EB-5 Investment

EB-5 investors from Toronto, Ontario wishing to make an EB-5 investment should consider the merits of investing in an EB-5 visa project sponsored by the EB5 Affiliate Network (EB5AN).

EB-5 Investment Eligibility Requirements

The key EB-5 investment eligibility conditions are listed below:

  • Investing a minimal amount of $800,00 in EB-5 investment located in rural or high unemployment areas designated as targeted employment areas (TEAs). Non-TEA projects have a minimal investment amount of $1,050,000 but all EB5AN sponsored EB-5 investment projects are located in TEAs and are authorized for the lower investment amount of $800,000.
  • Creating and/or sustaining a minimum of 10 full-time jobs for eligible U.S. workers that are maintained for at least two years.
  • Investing in a qualifying troubled business or new commercial enterprise (NCE).
  • Ensuring the investment remains at risk and proving that the investment capital comes from lawful origins.

Determining the Best EB-5 Investment Projects

EB-5 investors residing in Toronto and the surrounding regions in the province of Ontario should examine both financial and immigration risk when deciding on an EB-5 investment project.

For an EB-5 visa investment to be successful, the investment capital must remain at risk for the entirety of the investment period. This regulation prevents EB5 investors from simply “buying” a U.S. green card and guarantees that the investor truly invests their funds.

Despite what it might suggest, “at risk” does not mean EB-5 investors are expected to select risky projects. In fact, EB-5 investors are strongly advised to conduct due diligence to lessen any chance of facing financial and immigration risk.

The EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Tool is a highly efficient and accessible tool for EB-5 investors that helps them assess the financial and immigration risk of EB-5 projects through the initial due diligence stages. It was created by EB5AN in collaboration with Klasko Immigration Law Partners.

Download our EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire

EB-5 Investors from Toronto

EB-5 investment projects sponsored by EB5AN are available to residents of Toronto, Ontario. EB-5 investors from Toronto and the surrounding regions in Ontario can ask about EB-5 investment projects that are presently available for investment and are sponsored by an EB5AN EB-5 regional center.

Foreign nationals from Toronto interesting in making an EB-5 investment can contact the team at EB5 Affiliate Network for guidance and advice. They can be reached by phone at 1-800-288-9138 or emailed at info@EB5AN.com.

EB-5 Investment in Toronto

Toronto: Population and Income Demographics

The city of Toronto covers 243.3 square miles, with approximately 2.93 million residents and a population density of roughly 1,192 people per square mile. These numbers make Toronto the most densely populated city in all of Canada. Statistics indicate that the median household income after taxes in Toronto is $65,829 CAD.

Toronto, Ontario: Culture and Economy

Toronto is Canada’s most populated metropolis and the capital city of the province of Ontario. Its iconic landmark, the CN Tower, is a concrete skyscraper reaching 553 meters in height. Toronto is home to the Royal Ontario Museum and the Hockey Hall of Fame, as well as numerous other tourist attractions. It also houses the esteemed University of Toronto, a globally ranked institution and one of Canada’s top public research universities.

The Attractions of a U.S. Green Card for Toronto EB-5 Investors

Here are some of the main attractions of a U.S. green card for EB-5 investors from Toronto:

The Benefits of U.S. Citizenship and Residency

  • EB-5 is one of the quickest ways to acquire permanent residency in the U.S. and once granted, permanent residency status is not only granted to the EB-5 investor but also their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.
  • An EB-5 investor from Toronto who has received a green card will have retirement benefits, including access to pensions earned in Canada as well as the U.S. They may also be eligible for Medicare and other forms of government welfare.
  • A green card holder originally from Toronto can apply for to be a U.S. citizen after five years of maintaining permanent resident status.

Work in the United States

  • Toronto-based EB-5 investors may live and work anywhere in the United States, without constraint.
    • From the sandy beaches of Hawaii and California to the quiet mountains of Colorado, there’s a variety of choice ranging from the rural to the urban and metropolitan.
    • States like Tennessee and South Dakota have no state income tax.
  • There is no need to acquire a visa sponsor or employer sponsor as part of the EB-5 program.
  • If in possession of a green card, there is no need to acquire an H-1B work visa to be employed.

Travel Benefits

  • U.S. green card holders can travel anywhere within the United States.
  • U.S. green card holders can travel in and out of the country without being refused reentry, though there are still some relevant travel restrictions.
  • If a significant event or political change were to take place back in Canada, the Toronto-based EB-5 investor and their family can enter the United States without delay.

Education in the United States

  • A Toronto-based EB-5 investor with a green card would have access to free education for public elementary, middle and high schools, as well as reduced-cost in-state tuition for public colleges and universities.
  • Having a U.S. green card improves the chances of acceptance to a U.S. university by up to 350%.
    • Green card holders for reduced in-state tuition, financial aid and scholarships.
    • Permanent residents are permitted to be employed while studying, pursue postgraduate studies and engage in internships.

The Benefits of Using a Regional Center

EB-5 regional centers accelerate the EB-5 investment application process for prospective EB-5 investors and have the added benefit of a simpler job creation requirement. Only regional centers may use an indirect model of job calculation via an authorized economic methodology. Unlike direct EB-5 investors, who must hire full-time (W-2) employees for a minimum of two years, regional center investors only need to prove that their investment capital was spent in alignment with their original business plan.

EB5 Affiliate Network operates a number of regional centers that have been approved by USCIS. These regional centers are located all over the United States, making it possible for EB5AN to identify and sponsor well-qualified EB-5 projects in various cities.

Consultation Options and Events for Toronto-Based EB-5 Investors

EB5 Affiliate Network can help EB-5 investors from Toronto with any questions during the EB5 investment application process. Jake Hoyle, the Vice President of EB5AN, is available to help EB-5 investors from all over Canada answer any questions. EB-5 investors from Toronto who would like to book a one-on-one consultation with Jake Hoyle can do so by scheduling a time through his ScheduleOnce page.

In addition, EB5AN has organized global events that take place in a number of cities around the world, including Toronto. These events are opportunities for EB-5 investors to ask questions and receive counsel on the EB5 investment process. The EB5AN site page lists the different event dates and times. The events have free registration but limited space so investors are encouraged to apply early by accessing the EB5AN site page.