How I Maximized My Chances of a Successful EB-5 Investment: Hardik’s Story

My name is Hardik. My story with the EB-5 investment visa began recently, when I decided the U.S. was the best place for me and my family to thrive.

Though originally from India, I moved to Canada when I was 12. My recent EB-5 investment wasn’t just a sudden decision; it was a result of many factors, both personal and professional.


Why I Chose the EB-5 Visa Program

I am an electrical engineer with a specialization in the utility sector. My professional journey in Canada felt stagnated after a while. I felt that the broad market in the U.S. held a lot more potential for me to grow and explore. The idea wasn’t just to earn money, but also to find a place where my children could receive the best possible education and career opportunities.

This is where my quest for the right U.S. visa and residency options began.

As a Canadian citizen, I had a few options: the T.N. visa, the H-1B, and maybe, sponsorship for a Green Card under either the EB-2 or the EB-3 category. But upon deeper research, I realized that my country of birth, India, had massive waiting times for these visa categories.

A five to six-decade wait for a Green Card wasn’t practical, especially considering the implications it would have on my children’s future.

The EB-5 option stood out among others, offering a fast path to a Green Card. I also explored options like the E-2 visa for business and the L-1 visa through company transfers. But with potential processing times stretching 5 to 10 years, EB-5 clearly stood out as the most logical choice for my long-term goals.

How I Found an EB-5 Immigration Attorney

Now, with the EB-5 pathway clear in my mind, the next big question was understanding its intricacies. This meant selecting a knowledgeable attorney in the field of immigration, especially in the EB-5 program. This wasn’t a decision I took lightly. I consulted with around six different attorneys, some through referrals and others through Google searches.

Each of these attorneys provided unique insights, but what I sought was someone with expertise, a proven track record, and, most importantly, honesty. I wanted someone who would offer me straightforward advice rather than sugarcoated promises.

This search led me to Anahita George from George & Marzialo.

Several things stood out about Anahita. First, her understanding of the EB-5 program’s complexities was impressive. This was crucial, as the EB-5 application process is very intricate. Her stellar track record in EB-5 applications, coupled with positive feedback from her previous clients, increased my confidence in her.

But perhaps what resonated most with me was her transparent communication. Throughout our discussions, Anahita was always available, her responses were prompt, and she always provided realistic and honest answers.

I never felt any hesitation discussing my situation with her. Her approach made me feel comfortable and reassured.

After a comprehensive search and interaction process, my decision to go with Anahita became quite straightforward. Today, as I stand at this juncture, reflecting on my journey of EB-5 investment so far, I realize how crucial it was to have found the right immigration attorney to represent me.

Why I Chose EB5AN’s Twin Lakes Rural EB-5 Project

When I began my journey into the realm of EB-5 projects, I felt overwhelmed. Faced with numerous projects, each appearing excellent on the surface, it was a challenge to decide which was genuinely safe.

Especially after gaining insights into the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022, it became clear to me, as an Indian-born investor, that I needed to do very careful research.

Initially, every project seemed perfect, showcasing only the positive aspects.

However, the real challenge lay in understanding the underlying risks and determining how to evaluate them. Being Indian-born, my application had unique considerations. I had to navigate the vast backlog of pending EB-5 applications from Indian nationals.

Rural projects were my preference due to the 20% visa set-aside they offer. This can allow Indian nationals like myself to avoid backlog-related delays and get a Green Card much faster than otherwise possible.

This decision narrowed down my choices considerably. From there, I delved into the types of projects available within rural categories, exploring areas like hospitality and infrastructure.

The next step was understanding what made one real estate project more appealing than another. As I dove into various project details, I considered several aspects of potential investments: apartment complexes, individual homes, and other real estate ventures.

Although I had experience in real estate, the U.S. market posed unique challenges. To get a clearer perspective, I engaged in extensive research, including going through interviews and feedback from other EB5AN investors.

This research journey led me to EB5AN and its Twin Lakes project. The transparency and rigor that EB5AN showed deeply impressed me.

Their regional center coverage, diverse project portfolio across industries, and clarity in detailing every project’s performance and financials made them stand out. What particularly struck me was EB5AN’s commitment to compliance with USCIS regulations and its drive to educate clients in-depth.

Moreover, the Twin Lakes project, developed by the builder Kolter, was another significant draw. My confidence in this project was boosted by Kolter’s impressive track record and commitment to the quality of construction.

Delving deeper into the specifics of Twin Lakes, I found it intriguing that it catered to the 55+ community. My research showed a rising demand for 55+ communities in the U.S., influenced by factors such as the aging population of Baby Boomers and the appeal of active, low-maintenance lifestyles in secure, affordable settings.

Twin Lakes was perfectly positioned within this market, offering a blend of healthcare facilities, social engagement opportunities, and other amenities tailored to the target demographic.

Lastly, I considered the job creation factor. For an EB-5 project, job creation is crucial. Each EB-5 project must create at least ten new jobs to qualify the investor for a U.S. Green Card.

With Twin Lakes, I was relieved to find that this requirement was already met, ensuring a smoother process for my I-526 and I-829 approvals.

Having analyzed every aspect of this venture, from the regional center and builder to the community and financial situation, I was convinced. The Twin Lakes project, under EB5AN, offered the right blend of security, promise, and value, making it the ideal choice.

For investors like myself, especially those based in North America, getting a firsthand look at the project site is very useful. During my visit to the Twin Lakes project, I made it my mission to thoroughly grasp the site plan, ensuring that what I saw on paper was evident in reality.

When it comes to real estate investments, the quality of construction and the overall appeal of the project are crucial. My visit was a revelation. Not only did I see the project from the eyes of an investor but also as a potential buyer.

Would I, given the choice, invest in a property like this? The answer was yes. The community being built was exceptional. My wife, who accompanied me, was equally impressed. Both of us saw it as a promising and successful venture, which made the decision to invest even easier.

Working with EB5AN

My interaction with the EB5AN team was also important. They were exceptionally helpful, and always ready to engage and answer my queries. Whenever I reached out, be it through online forms or text messaging, I received prompt and clear responses.

There was a sense of genuine care and commitment to ensuring I was well-informed. They also fostered an environment where no question was too small or irrelevant. Their extensive material online, combined with regular updates and reports, ensured that I was always informed.

Takeaways from My EB-5 Investment Experience

One piece of advice I’d emphasize is the importance of visiting the project you’re considering. Seeing it firsthand, walking its grounds, and understanding its layout can provide clarity. When I toured the Twin Lakes project, I took a deep dive into the details, ensuring that the real-world site matched the project’s promises on paper.

Another crucial aspect to focus on is the quality of the project. Real estate investments, especially, need to stand up to scrutiny in terms of construction and design. When I visited, I didn’t just see it as an investor but also as a potential buyer.

The journey with the EB5AN team was another highlight. The wealth of information they provided online, paired with consistent updates, ensured I was always up to date.

Beyond the project selection, there’s the complex world of immigration processes and paperwork. Here, having the right legal expert can make all the difference. I’m glad I chose Anahita as my immigration attorney. For my fellow Indian investors, her ability to communicate in multiple languages, including Gujarati and Hindi, is an added bonus.

Making the decision to invest in an EB-5 project is both a personal and financial matter, with both your money and future in the balance. If you’re considering the EB-5 program, be thorough, stay informed, and seek the right partners to guide you.