EB5AN Offers Free Direct EB-5 Project Review

With the EB-5 regional center program currently unavailable, the only option for prospective EB-5 investors is to invest in direct EB-5 projects. Such projects can carry significant risk, however, and without sufficient risk assessment by someone with direct EB-5 experience, an EB-5 investor might jeopardize his or her immigration prospects.

For EB-5 investors, the primary goal of investing through the EB-5 program is to obtain U.S. permanent resident status for themselves and their families. Finding a high-quality, low-risk direct EB-5 project in which to invest is vital.

The higher the degree of certainty that an EB-5 investor has that his or her investment will result in a permanent green card, the better.

But how can an EB-5 investor know what risks a direct EB-5 project might carry?

For direct EB-5 projects, an EB-5 investor has no regional center to rely on, and the project’s developer may or may not have a track record to examine.

Many direct EB-5 projects have significant immigration and financial risks that are difficult for EB-5 investors to recognize. Such risks are often buried in the project’s offering documentation and may seem inconspicuous. Examining these documents takes time, and for an untrained eye, successfully identifying and properly assessing all of a project’s risks is unlikely.

One option is to have an experienced, unbiased third party review a project’s documents to determine what risks might be present.

EB5AN is now offering such a service for EB-5 investors.

Best of all, this service is free.

EB5AN is a direct and regional center EB-5 consulting firm and investment fund manager with extensive experience with direct EB-5 projects. We know what issues are likely to be present in direct EB-5 projects. EB5AN’s free direct EB-5 project review will help EB-5 investors identify and understand the risks associated with their direct EB-5 projects, and we will give an honest, unbiased assessment.

An EB-5 investor must simply fill out a brief form and supply us with the necessary project documents, and we will analyze the direct EB-5 project’s documentation for free. We will provide critical feedback to help the EB-5 investor make an informed investment decision.