Why Invest in EB5AN Rochester Regional Center?

EB-5 investors living in Rochester, New York, should explore the opportunities and benefits associated with investing in an EB5AN EB-5 visa project. For starters, Rochester-based foreign investors have access to USCIS-approved regional centers that offer EB-5 projects across the entire state of New York. The EB5AN State of New York Regional Centers provides complete coverage of Rochester’s Central Business District, Pearl-Meigs-Monroe, and everything in between.

Discover more about the benefits associated with investing in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program through EB5AN. But first, learn more below about why foreign investors are choosing this popular residency-by-investment immigration program in the first place.

Direct Benefits of Holding an EB-5 Green Card

There are four general categories of direct green card benefits for successful Redmond EB-5 investors. They are related to residency and citizenship, travel, education, and employment

U.S. Residency and Citizenship

Besides the EB-5 program being established as one of the most direct paths available to permanent resident status in the United States, qualified investors and their immediate family members have an option to continue on to apply for U.S. citizenship after living as a permanent resident for five years. Additionally, U.S. green card holders are allowed to access both U.S. and overseas pensions once they retire. Some may also qualify for social benefits like Medicare.


Once our program participants have obtained their EB-5 green card, they are eligible to travel anywhere inside the United States without restrictions. Aside from some international travel restrictions, green card holders are also generally able to leave and re-enter the States without fear of being denied re-entry. When any EB-5 investment participant and their families are facing great political changes or other events in their home country, they are immediately granted U.S. entry.


A U.S. green card also serves as an access pass to free public education at elementary, middle and high school levels. Post-secondary education, students can enjoy the same savings as natural-born citizens for in-state tuition, access to a variety of local and national scholarship opportunities, and other financial aid available to public university and college attendees. Furthermore, permanent residencies can simultaneously work, study, intern, and/or apply for post-graduate jobs.


EB-5 green card carriers are allowed to work and live anywhere in the U.S. and are free to enjoy every benefit the local community has to offer. Whether it’s the scenery and culture or hard cost tax benefits available in the area, they are all yours. Moreover, EB-5 program participants are not required to maintain a visa or employer sponsor, and they don’t need an H-1B work visa to work.

So, what are the requirements to participate in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program? Learn more in the program requirement outline below

The Five Primary Requirements for EB-5 Investment

  • Invest a Minimum Amount of Foreign Capital. Projects positioned outside of designated targeted employment areas (TEAs) require a minimum investment of $1,050,000. All EB5AN projects, however, qualify for a lower minimum investment ($800,000) because they are located within TEAs.
  • Prove Your Lawful Source of Funding. EB-5 investors are required to provide evidence that all capital funding was sourced lawfully.
  • Select a Program-Approved Project for Investment. Each qualified EB-5 investment participant must invest capital into either a new commercial enterprise or a troubled business.
  • Meet Minimum Job Creation Requirements. Every successful EB-5 investment can demonstrate that it has created or preserved a minimum of 10 full-time employment positions for U.S. workers for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Maintain an At-Risk Status. All EB-5 investment capital must maintain at-risk status for the entire investment period.

Two Reasons Most EB-5 Investors Use Regional Centers

EB-5 investment participants who meet these five primary investment requirements have the option to either invest directly in a program-approved project or passively with a USCIS-approved EB-5 Regional Center. The vast majority of EB-5 investors choose regional center partnerships time and time again. And there are two main reasons why.

Streamlined Investment Process

An EB-5 regional center can help its investors streamline the investment process. Regional centers with proven track records for success bring years of knowledge and industry experience to the investment table. EB5AN, for instance, maintains multiple USCIS-approved regional centers across a broad geographic area, enabling immediate sponsorship for strong EB-5 projects in cities across the United States, including Rochester, New York.

Relaxed Regional Center Job Creation Requirements

Simply put, meeting the job creation requirement is just easier when an investor partners with a regional center on an EB-5 investment project. This is because regional centers are allowed by USCIS to utilize indirect methods of calculating newly created jobs. Each EB-5 investor must only demonstrate that their invested capital was spent according to business plans. A far cry from the stacks of documentation needed to prove its full-time W-2 employees were hired and remained employed for at least two years.

Choosing the EB5AN State of New York Regional Center

Prospective EB-5 investors are free to choose EB5 investments established any place around the country. But Rochester residents seeking EB-5 investment opportunities may just want to invest close to home. Fortunately, the EB5AN State of New York Regional Center provides easy-access to program-approved projects for our Rochester partners.

Our State of New York Regional Center has approved coverage across the entire state, including Rochester and the surrounding areas. Any eligible foreign investor seeking U.S. permanent resident status can learn more about investing with us by clicking the link below:

In the meantime, find an overview of the EB-5 investment landscape in Rochester to get a better understanding of whether it might be the right place for your EB5 investment capital.

Is Rochester the Right Location for Your EB-5 Investment?

Rochester’s population of 208,880 spans a 37.1 square-mile area. Among U.S. cities, it ranks 130th in population density. The Rochester-based EB5AN regional center oversees projects in Flower City (Monroe County), Rochester, Brighton, Fairport, Irondequoit, and more. Below is a peek at a basic population and income demographic breakout for your review:

From a more cultural and community-minded perspective, the University of Rochester is known to attract students from around the globe and visitors pour in to see Strong National Museum of Play among other popular landmarks. Rochester has a diverse and bustling economy. What’s more, the City of Rochester itself has endorsed the EB-5 Regional Center Program as an important part of this community in its role of bringing the best and brightest immigrants into the fold, ultimately benefiting both participants and the U.S.

Rest assured, association with EB5AN on your EB-5 regional center project provides considerable benefits to the Rochester economy. Your capital helps create jobs for Rochester workers, improving the lives of countless Rochester residents.

Finding the Right EB5AN Regional Center Project

Every prospective EB-5 investor in Rochester (and surrounding areas) needs to consider both immigration and financial risks associated with each potential EB-5 investment project.

One primary requirement for a successful EB5 investment, for instance, is maintaining that at-risk investment status through the entire investment period–a regulation invoked to ensure investment capital is fueling the U.S. economy, not simply serving as a payment for a U.S. green card.

That said, “at-risk” does not mean that EB-5 investors are required to invest in “risky” projects. Quite the opposite, in fact—EB-5 investors are strongly advised to conduct thorough due diligence to minimize exposure to financial and immigration risk.

EB5AN and Klasko Immigration Law Partners have partnered in the development of a highly functional and easy-to-use EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Tool for EB-5 investors. It guides investors through the initial diligence phase on prospective EB-5 projects from both financial and immigration risk perspectives.

You can try it out by clicking the link below:

Download our EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Contact us today if you’d like to hear more about the process of forming your own USCIS-approved regional center or affiliating with EB5AN’s own regional center. You can reach us by phone at 1-800-288-9138 or by e-mail at info@EB5AN.com.