Useful Information for EB-5 Investors from Thane, India Planning to Make EB-5 Investments

There are many opportunities for investors from Thane, India to make EB-5 investments with EB5 Affiliate Network (EB5AN). Investors from Thane who work with EB5AN to make EB-5 investments will receive tips and support from the Network along the way.

How Can Investors from Thane Connect with EB5 Affiliate Network (EB5AN) Without Leaving India?

Investors from Thane will not have to leave India to contact experts from EB5AN. There are several opportunities for digital and in-person connection. EB5AN has India office locations that are open for visits from potential investors. EB5AN also holds events at several locations around the world, including multiple cities in India. Investors from Thane can register for an event in India by visiting the EB5AN website. Additionally, investors from Thane can sign up to meet with an EB5AN consultant one-on-one.

Green Cards and How They Can Benefit You and Your Family

Investors from Thane will find that there are several advantages to having a U.S. Green Card. Some of the highlights are listed below.

Perks of Becoming a U.S. Resident

  • After they have lived in the United States for at least five years as residents, Green Card holders can apply to become naturalized U.S. citizens.
  • The EB-5 visa program offers one of the most expedited paths to U.S. residency and eventually citizenship. Those who make EB-5 investments through the program can secure Green Cards for themselves, their spouses, and unmarried children younger than 21.
  • Retirees who gained Green Cards through EB-5 investments may be eligible for Medicare and other similar programs. They will also be able to use funds from pensions they earned in their home countries as well as in the United States.

Employment Authorization

  • No H-1B work visa is required for Green Card holders to be able to work legally in the United States.
  • People who make EB5 investments through the EB-5 visa program do not need a visa sponsor or an employment sponsor.
  • With Green Cards, EB-5 investors can live any place they please within the United States.
    • In the United States, EB-5 investors and their families can choose between small-town and big-city living. They can also choose between a variety of geographies and climates, from northern coastal states like Maine and Rhode Island to landlocked states with beautiful natural landscapes, like Vermont and Colorado..
    • Certain U.S. states do not charge state income taxes to residents. Two of these are Florida and Wyoming.

Freedom to See All of the United States

  • With Green Cards, EB-5 investors and family members can live anywhere in the United States. They also have the opportunity to travel freely throughout the country.
  • EB-5 investors can enter and leave the United States as the need arises with Green Cards. However, there are some travel restrictions that apply.
  • EB-5 investors will find that Green Cards can give them a certain sense of security, in that they would be able to gain quick entry into the United States in the event of instability in their home country.

Eligibility for U.S. Educational Advantages

  • Green Cards give EB-5 investors access to the U.S. education system. They will be able to enroll their children in public schools from elementary through high school at no cost. They will also be able to pay lower tuition for public, in-state higher education institutions.
  • When applying to college, those with U.S. resident status have up to a 350% higher chance of admission to U.S. universities.
    • Green Cards allow residents to take advantage of lower in-state tuition for public colleges and make them eligible for financial aid and scholarships.
    • Green Cards make it easier for students to work and have internships during school and simplify the process of applying for employment positions after graduation.

Parameters for EB5 Investments

EB-5 investments have to meet the requirements that are listed below.

  • EB-5 investment projects that are in targeted employment areas (TEAs) have a lower minimum investment threshold of $800,000. Investments in projects not in low-income or rural TEAs have to be at least $1,050,000. All of EB5AN’s projects are located in TEAs. This means investors who work with the Network to make EB5 investments always qualify for the $800,000 investment minimum.
  • EB-5 investments are required to create or preserve a minimum of ten jobs for U.S. workers that have full-time hours and last for at least two years.
  • In the majority of cases, EB-5 investments must make a new business. In cases where certain conditions are met, EB-5 investments can go toward reviving a troubled business.
  • The funds used in EB-5 investments have to remain at risk while invested. EB-5 investors also must be able to prove that they acquired their capital legally.

How to Evaluate and Select Strong Projects for EB5 Investments

The rule that capital must stay at risk while invested is in place to prevent people from being able to simply “buy” U.S. Green Cards.

However, this does not mean that EB-5 investments must be made in “risky” investment projects. It is important that EB-5 investors carefully evaluate potential projects to make sure they will make good investments.

Financial and immigration risk are two of the most important factors investors from Thane should consider when assessing EB-5 projects for potential investment.

EB5AN and Klasko Immigration Law Partners wanted to help investors in the process of evaluating projects, which is why they created the EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Tool. This guide uses the frameworks of immigration and financial risk to help EB-5 investors figure out which projects will be best for their EB-5 investments.

Download our EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Special Rules Apply to EB-5 Investments Made with Regional Centers

Investors who choose to make their EB-5 investments in projects with EB-5 regional centers will benefit from a special rule that applies to regional centers. This rule is that regional centers can use an indirect method to calculate jobs created by EB-5 investments. This indirect method can be used for up to 90% of jobs that result from EB-5 investments. The rule benefits investors in that they will have an easier time proving that their EB5 investments have met job creation requirements. This is because investors will have to prove only that their investment was used in accordance with the regional center’s business plan rather than enumerating 100% of jobs created with paperwork such as W-2s.

EB-5 Affiliate Network is ready at present to work with investors from Thane, India to sponsor EB-5 investment projects at their many regional centers located throughout the United States.

EB-5 Investors from Thane Can Contact EB5AN

Investors from Thane, India can contact EB5AN to find out which of the Network’s regional centers are currently taking investments. To do so, investors from Thane should call EB5 Affiliate Network at 1-800-288-9138 or email

What to Know about Thane, India

Thane’s Demographics

Thane has the 15th largest population of cities in India. Thane’s population is 1,841,482. The most widely spoken language in Thane is Marathi, which is spoken by about 70% of residents. Hindi and Portuguese are also spoken in Thane.

Thane’s Climate and Geography

Thane is located on Salsette Island in Maharashtra, India and is part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Thane is considered a suburb of Mumbia. The climate in Thane is a tropical monsoon climate. Most of Thane’s rainfall happens in the summer and autumn. Thane is a humid zone, with an average humidity of more than 50%. Several lakes are located in Thane, which is where it gets the nickname “City of Lakes.” The city of Thane is at the mouth of Thana River.