Seeking an EB-5 investment as an EB-5 investor from McKinney, Texas

Those who are looking for EB-5 investments in McKinney, Texas should strongly weigh the option of making their EB-5 investment through an EB5AN States of Texas and Louisiana Regional Center. The benefits are numerous while the trade-offs are virtually non-existent.

With EB5AN, EB-5 investors can rest assured that they are fully covered anywhere from the western most point of the State of Texas to the bustling city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The EB5AN States of Texas and Louisiana Regional Center

The EB5AN States of Texas and Louisiana Regional Center is distinctive in that it covers two large and fast-growing states in southern United States instead of one. Through our EB-5 Regional Center, EB-5 investors can rest assured that their EB-5 investments anywhere in all of the 254 counties of the state of the Texas –– including the city of McKinney –– will be properly handled. Although under the EB-5 investment program, EB-5 investors can choose to invest anywhere in the United States, those who are residing in Texas and Louisiana (or wanting to relocate there) will find our EB5AN Regional Center particularly convenient.

Seeking an EB-5 investment in McKinney, Texas

Mckinney: Population and Income Demographics

McKinney, TX is a fast-growing and vibrant suburban area just outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. The city spans 67.70 square miles and has a population of approximately 182,055 people in 2019. In Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth serves as one of the state’s most important economic hubs.

Given McKinney’s close proximity to downtown Dallas (about 35 minutes) and its accelerating growth, EB-5 investors seeking investment in Texas through the EB5AN States of Texas and Louisiana Regional Center can see their investments turn fruitful extremely quickly –– generating new full-time jobs for locals while satisfying their EB-5 investment in the process.

The Cultural and Economic Atmosphere of McKinney, Texas

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area in specific and the state of Texas in general have been growing economically at an unmatched pace in recent years. Specifically, the metroplex –– including McKinney –– serves as a booming economic hub for finance, banking, real estate, manufacture and other high-yield industries. It also has great universities such as the University of Texas at Dallas and Dallas University that attract students from all over the country and the world. As such, the EB-5 Regional Center Program and specifically the EB5AN States of Texas and Louisiana capitalize on this growth to further boost economic activities in the city and the state.

Why Do Most EB-5 Investors Use Regional Centers?

Only EB-5 regional centers may use the indirect method of calculating jobs through an approved economic methodology, thereby streamlining the EB-5 investment process for potential EB-5 applicants and making it easier to demonstrate required job creation. This means that EB-5 investors must show only that their invested funds were spent according to the business plan rather than documenting that full time (W-2) employees were hired and remained employed for at least two full years.

EB5AN maintains multiple USCIS-approved regional centers with broad geographic coverage, enabling it to immediately sponsor strong EB-5 projects in cities across the United States, including McKinney, Texas.

Primary EB-5 Investment Requirements

The requirements to successfully earn a green card through the EB-5 investment program are as follows:

  • Investing a minimum of $800,000 for EB-5 investments made in rural or high unemployment areas designated as targeted employment areas (TEAs). Projects outside of TEAs require an investment of $1,050,000, but all of EB5AN’s EB-5 investment projects are located in TEAs and qualify for the lower investment threshold of $800,000.
  • Creating or preserving at least 10 full-time jobs for qualifying U.S. workers that last a minimum of two years.
  • Investing in a new commercial enterprise or a troubled business.
  • Maintaining the at-risk status of the investment and using investment funds that have been lawfully sourced.

How to Evaluate EB-5 Investment Projects

One of the requirements of a successful EB-5 visa investment is that the investment capital must be at risk for the duration of the investment. This is to ensure investors actually invest their capital and are not simply “buying” a U.S. green card. As such, EB-5 investors based in McKinney and the surrounding areas in Texas should evaluate both financial and immigration risk when seeking an EB-5 investment.

“At risk” does not mean that EB-5 investors are required to invest in “risky” projects. Quite the contrary—EB-5 investors are strongly recommended to conduct thorough due diligence to minimize their exposure to financial and immigration risk.

EB5AN, in collaboration with Klasko Immigration Law Partners, has developed an EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Tool for EB-5 investors. This highly functional, easy-to-use tool guides investors through the initial diligence of EB-5 projects from both financial and immigration risk perspectives.

Download our EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Immigration Benefits and Green Card Information for EB-5 investors through the EB5AN States of Texas and Louisiana Regional Center

Investors through the EB-5 investment programs at our EB5AN States of Texas and Louisiana Regional Center can quickly see their immigration benefits awarded

Education Benefits

  • U.S. permanent residents have complete access to public K-12 education throughout the United States. In most cases, they are also eligible for lower in-state tuition and fees at public colleges and universities.
  • U.S. green card holders are also eligible for federal financial aid programs, scholarships, as well benefits such as work-study and summer internships.
  • Permanent residents applying to colleges have significant higher chances of getting in selective institutions –– nearly as much as 350% compared to their international counterparts.

Residency and Citizenship Benefits

  • The EB-5 Investment program provide a quick and easy method for gaining U.S. Permanent Residency (Green Card) and eventually U.S. citizenship (after 5 years of receiving the Green Card) for not only EB-5 investors themselves but also their spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old.
  • Retired permanent residents can also continue to receive pensions from their home country in addition to U.S. based pension funds. Green card holders are also eligible for social benefits such as social security and Medicare.

Employment and Travel Benefits

  • U.S. green card holders are free to work (without the need of employer’s visa sponsorship), live, and travel anywhere in the 50 U.S. states and U.S. territories
  • U.S. permanent residents can easily leave and re-enter the United States without any hustle (although there exists minor travel restrictions)

EB-5 Investors from McKinney, Texas

Potential EB-5 investors who are interested in an EB-5 investment project in McKinney Texas and the surrounding areas as well as throughout the states of Texas and Louisiana can learn more about our current investment projects through the EB5AN States of Texas and Louisiana regional center.

Regardless of your location of residency, nationality, or background, EB-5 investors who are interested in making an EB-5 investment should contact the EB5AN team at +1 (800) 288-9138 or reach us via email at