Obtaining U.S. Permanent Resident Status through an EB-5 Investment in Fairfax, Virginia

If you’re a foreign national living in Fairfax, Virginia, an EB-5 investment may be the perfect way to obtain a U.S. green card and make Fairfax your permanent home. Consider the benefits of investing in an EB5AN EB-5 visa project—the best way to embark on an EB5 investment journey.

The City of Fairfax, including Fairfax Courthouse, Downtown Fairfax, and the whole Commonwealth of Virginia, lies within the geographic scope of the EB5AN D.C. and Carolinas Regional Center.

EB-5 Regional Centers Are the Best Choice for EB-5 Investors

EB-5 regional centers streamline the EB-5 investment process for potential EB-5 applicants and facilitate the job creation aspect of EB-5 investment by allowing investors to count not only direct jobs but also indirect and induced jobs in their job creation count. If an investor uses the indirect method of calculating jobs, they must use an approved economic methodology. This relaxation of the job creation requirement can significantly facilitate an EB-5 investment and result in success that would otherwise be difficult to attain.

Across the United States EB5AN has USCIS-approved regional centers and one of them is the EB5AN D.C. and Carolinas Regional Center, which covers areas across Virginia. Naturally, this includes the city of Fairfax.

EB5AN’s USCIS-approved Fairfax, Virginia, Regional Center

Potential EB-5 investors can choose from qualifying EB-5 projects all around the United States, but for many, the prospect of investing in their own city is most appealing. If you reside in Fairfax and wish to foster your own local community, the best choice is to work with EB5AN D.C. and Carolinas Regional Center to stimulate the Fairfax economy and gain a U.S. green card.

EB5AN’s regional center provides the means for immigrant investors to subsidize beneficial development projects in Fairfax while gaining U.S. permanent residency. This regional center covers all of the Commonwealth of Virginia and Washington D.C.

Reap the Benefits of U.S. Permanent Residency in Fairfax

Wondering exactly how holding a U.S. green card could benefit you and your family in Fairfax, Virginia? The below list summarizes the key benefits:

Education Benefits

  • With a green card, youth gain free access to public elementary, middle, and high schools, and if they attend a public college or university in the same state they are registered in, they may enjoy lower-cost in-state tuition.
  • U.S. residency improves the likelihood of U.S. university admission by as much as 350%.
    • A green card allows students to be eligible for in-state tuition, financial aid, and scholarships to help fund their studies.
    • Permanent residents can also work while studying, complete internships, and apply for postgraduate positions.

Travel Benefits

  • Green card holders can leave and enter the country without being denied reentry, although some travel restrictions apply.
  • Green card holders are free to travel to any part of the United States.
  • A green card holder may enter the United States freely at any time, which is advantageous if their home country is politically or economically volatile or dangerous.

Residency and Citizenship Benefits

  • EB-5 is one of the fastest methods to gain permanent residency in the United States for the EB-5 investor, his or her spouse, and their unmarried children under 21 years of age.
  • Once retired, green card holders can enjoy pension payouts from both abroad and the United States.
  • Green card holders may be eligible for benefits from Medicare and other social welfare programs.
  • Green card holders can choose become a U.S. citizen once they have lived as a permanent resident in the United States for at least five years.

Employment Benefits

  • Any city or state is open to a green card holder to live, work, study, or travel.
    • Live anywhere, from the beaches of California and Hawaii to the mountains of Colorado, from a quiet, rural town to the hustle and bustle of New York City.
    • Live in states such as Boston and Texas with no state income tax.
  • The EB-5 program does not require a visa sponsor or employer sponsor.
  • Green card holders do not need an H-1B work visa to gain employment.

The Key EB-5 Program Requirements

The main requirements that EB-5 investment participants must satisfy to gain permanent residency are as follows:

  • Investing a minimum of $800,000 for EB-5 investments made in rural or high unemployment areas designated as targeted employment areas (TEAs). This amount is doubled to $1,050,000 for non-TEA projects, but those making their EB5 investment through an EB5AN regional center do not have to worry, as EB5AN does not work with projects outside of TEAs.
  • Funding the creation or preservation of at least 10 full-time jobs for qualifying U.S. workers that last a minimum of two years.
  • Investing in a new commercial enterprise or a troubled business.
  • Maintaining the at-risk status of the investment (i.e., ensuring both the possibility of gain and the risk of loss) for the duration of the investment.
  • Providing documentary evidence that the EB-5 investment capital comes from lawful sources.

How to Evaluate EB-5 Investment Projects

EB-5 investors based in Fairfax and other areas of Virginia should be careful when selecting an EB-5 project: failure to conduct thorough due diligence could result in higher financial and immigration risk for the investor.

One of the requirements of a successful EB-5 visa investment is that the investment capital must be at risk for the duration of the investment. This is to ensure investors actually invest their capital and are not simply “buying” a U.S. green card.

“At risk” does not mean that EB-5 investors are required to invest in “risky” projects. In fact, EB-5 experts highly recommend that EB-5 investors conduct careful due diligence to ensure their EB-5 project poses minimal financial and immigration risk.

EB5AN, in collaboration with Klasko Immigration Law Partners, has developed an EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Tool for EB-5 investors. This highly functional, easy-to-use tool guides investors through the initial diligence of EB-5 projects from both financial and immigration risk perspectives.

Download our EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire

The Background of an EB-5 Investment in Fairfax

Population and Income Demographics of Fairfax

Fairfax, part of the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area, was voted number three on Forbes’s Top 25 Places to Live Well list. With an annual median household income of $105,000, this small town of about 25,000 people is one of the richest counties in the nation. While northern Virginia as a whole benefits greatly from government contracting in the private sector, Fairfax joins Falls Church and Loudoun as wealthy areas nourished by government spending and activity. Fairfax has also attracted EB-5 investors by welcoming the EB-5 Regional Center Program as a contributor to economic prosperity in the region.

Invest in Fairfax, Virginia

If you’re a foreign national living in Fairfax, Virginia, you have already invested part of your life into the vibrant city. Why not make a lifelong commitment to the United States by achieving U.S. permanent resident status through an EB-5 investment in Fairfax? Whether you’re in Fairfax, another city in Virginia, or anywhere else in the world, you can reach out to the EB5AN team to ask about EB5 investment projects currently open to investment that are managed by an EB5AN regional center.

Foreign nationals in Fairfax, regardless of nationality, can find a valuable investment opportunity in Fairfax EB-5 projects. To gain a better understanding of your EB-5 needs, please click here to book a free consultation call with our expert team.