EB-5 Process

Process to Gain U.S. Permanent Residence Status as a Foreign Investor though EB-5 Investment

Step-By-Step Guide to the EB-5 Immigration Process with EB5 Affiliate Network

Step 1: Contact Us: Complete Eligibility Questionnaire, Sign NDA, Review Offering Documents

  • Fill out an EB-5 investor eligibility questionnaire
  • Sign our non-disclosure agreement to obtain our investment offering documents
  • Read and understand all offering documents and make an investment decision

Step 2: Prepare Source of Funds Report, Document Accredited Investor status

  • If needed, sign a contract with a qualified firm to prepare your Source of Funds report and remit applicable payments.
  • Verify Accredited Investor status by providing Accredited Investor Certification letter

Step 3: Complete and Sign Automated Subscription Booklet to Subscribe to Partnership

  • Complete our automated Subscription Booklet and Escrow Acknowledgement then sign and return a digital or hard copy.
  • Once the Subscription Booklet is reviewed and approved, a countersigned copy of the Subscription Agreement will be sent to the investor.

Step 4: Transfer Required Investment Funds

  • Wire or transfer the $50,000 Administrative Fee to the indicated EB5AN Fund General Partnership Account . (See Wire Instructions)
  • Wire or transfer the $500,000 EB-5 capital investment to the indicated EB5AN Fund Partnership Escrow Account (See Wire Instructions)

Step 5: I-526 Petition Filing for Temporary Green Card Status

  • Sign contract with Immigration Counsel to begin I-526 Petition preparation
  • Submit Source of Funds Report to Immigration Counsel to be included in the I-526 Petition submission.
  • Immigration Counsel submits I-526 Petition to USCIS
  • Please note, we can provide recommendations for immigration counsel if needed

Step 6: Consulate Interview or Adjustment of Status

  • If investor resides outside of the U.S., a consulate interview will be scheduled.
  • If investor resides in the U.S. with a valid visa, the investor’s immigration attorney will help adjust the visa status.
  • The investor receives conditional two-year green card (permanent residence).

Step 7: Submit I-829 Petition for Removal of Temporary Green Card Conditions

  • Three months before the conditional green card expires, the investor’s immigration attorney will submit the 1-829 petition toremove temporary conditions.
  • Once the I-829 petition is approved, the investor will receive a permanent green card.
  • Principal is repaid to each investor after the loan term expires.

Benefits of the EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 Visa Program is one of the fastest ways for foreign nationals and their families to gain permanent resident status within the United States. Unlike many of the other Visa programs available, this program does not require immigrants to have a sponsor. EB-5 investors, once granted conditional permanent residence status, can live and work anywhere within the United States. An H-1B work visa is not required for employment, and investors can live and work in any U.S. state. The program is not without its challenges, such as the need to provide timely and proper documentation. But the EB-5 Program is an excellent option for those with adequate funds who are looking to immigrate quickly to the United States. At the same time, the program benefits the U.S. economy with the influx of capital and the creation of jobs for U.S. workers.