EB-5 Investors from Nagpur, India Who Want to Make EB-5 Investments

The EB5 Affiliate Network (EB5AN) is a great resource for investors from Nagpur, India thinking about making EB-5 investments. Making an EB-5 investment in one of the regional center projects run by EB5AN is a good option for EB-5 investors from Nagpur. The Network is available to help investors from Nagpur with every step of the EB-5 visa program process.

How Can Investors from Nagpur Take Advantage of EB5 Affiliate Network’s Resources?

For any questions and to find out which of EB5AN’s EB5 investment projects are currently ready to receive investments, investors from Nagpur, India can contact EB5 Affiliate Network by calling 1-800-288-9138 or reaching out via email to info@EB5AN.com.

Other ways for EB-5 investors from Nagpur to get in touch include visiting one of EB5AN’s India office locations, arranging a time to meet with one of EB5AN’s EB-5 investment experts, and registering for an event held by EB5AN in India.

What Can Green Cards Offer Investors from Nagpur and Their Families?

Many perks come with attaining Green Cards. The list below highlights some of the biggest advantages.

The Opportunity for Residency and Citizenship

  • Once they have lived in the United States for at least five years as permanent residents, EB-5 investors with Green Cards can apply to become citizens of the country.
  • EB-5 investments make it possible for investors to secure Green Cards for themselves as well as family members, including spouses and unmarried children under 21. The EB-5 visa program is one of the quickest ways to become a U.S. resident.
  • EB5 investors with Green Cards will have access to pensions earned in the United States and in their home countries when they retire. They also may be eligible for programs such as Medicare.

The Chance to Become Employed in the United States

  • EB-5 investors and family members can live anywhere in the United States with Green Cards.
    • Some U.S. states, such as Nevada and Washington, do not charge state income taxes.
    • Whether you and your family seek a quiet life in a small town or prefer the buzz of a big city, there is a locale for you in the United States. Choose between different climates and landscapes, from Florida’s beaches to the mountains of Montana to the Arizona desert.
  • No one with a Green Card needs an H-1B work visa to be authorized to work in the United States.
  • The EB-5 visa program requires neither a visa sponsor nor an employment sponsor.

Opportunities to Travel Domestically and Abroad

  • EB-5 investors and their families can visit any place they want within the United States.
  • Green Cards make it possible for EB-5 investors and their families to exit and reenter the United States freely. However, some travel restrictions apply.
  • Green Cards also provide a safety net, in that investors and their families would be able to quickly enter the United States if a tumultuous situation were to arise in their home country.

Options for Students

  • Green Cards give EB-5 investors access to the public education system in the United States. This means that their children will be able to be enrolled in free public schools from elementary through high school. Green Cards also make residents eligible for in-state tuition. This is a type of reduced tuition that residents can pay for public colleges and universities in the state where they live.
  • Applicants who are U.S. residents see up to a 350% increase in their chances of admission to U.S. universities as compared to non-residents.
    • Green Cards allow EB-5 investors to pay in-state tuition. They also make students eligible for more types of scholarships and financial aid.
    • Residency allows students to have internships and jobs while studying, as well as apply for jobs upon finishing school.

What Qualifications Must EB-5 Investments Meet?

The below conditions must be met by all EB-5 Investments.:

  • For EB-5 investments in projects located in targeted employment areas (TEAs), a minimum investment of $800,000 is required. This amount differs significantly from the $1,050,000 minimum required for EB-5 investments in projects not located in TEAs. The good news for investors from Nagpur who choose to work with EB5AN is that all of the Network’s projects are in TEAs. This means all EB-5 investments made through EB5AN qualify for the $800,000 minimum.
  • EB-5 investments must create new businesses. In certain specific cases, EB-5 investments can revive troubled businesses.
  • Ten jobs for employees authorized to work in the United States must be created by an EB-5 investment. Each position must last for two years and have full-time hours (at least 35 hours per week).
  • EB-5 investments must be made with lawfully acquired funds, and the funds must stay at risk for the investment’s duration.

Choosing the Best Projects for EB-5 Investments

To ensure that U.S. Green Cards cannot be simply “purchased,” capital put toward EB-5 investments must stay at risk the whole time it is invested.

This, however, does not mean that EB-5 investors from Nagpur should make EB-5 investments in “risky” projects. Instead, it is best for investors to carefully evaluate all potential investment projects.

It is important that investors from Nagpur consider immigration and financial risk when evaluating prospective projects for EB5 investments.

The EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Tool was created by EB5AN and Klasko Immigration Law Partners to help investors in the process of investigating potential projects. The tool uses a series of questions to help investors determine what kinds of projects will expose them to minimal levels of financial and immigration risk.

Download our EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire

What Can Regional Centers Offer Investors in EB-5 Projects?

There are many regional centers run by EB-5 Affiliate Network throughout the United States. The Network is prepared to immediately sponsor projects with investors from Nagpur, India at these locations.

EB-5 investments made in projects at EB-5 regional centers have somewhat simplified application processes as compared to direct investments. A special rule applies to regional centers: they are permitted to use an indirect method to calculate jobs created from EB-5 investments. With this method, up to 90% of jobs created by EB-5 investments can be calculated indirectly. This is good news for investors, who will have an easier time proving their EB-5 investments have met job requirements because of this rule.

What Makes Nagpur, India Unique?

Nagpur: Location and Geography

Nagpur is on the Deccan plateau. Nagpur is right in the center of India, a spot that is marked by the Zero Mile Stone. Ambazari Lake is the largest lake in Nagpur, which has several lakes, some of which are natural and some of which were created by humans. Nagpur’s climate is tropical wet and dry. In 2010, Nagpur was found to be the cleanest city in India and the second most “green” city.

Nagpur: Demographics

Nagpur is the third-largest city in Maharashtra, India. It has the 13th largest population of cities in India. Nagpur was found to have a population of 2,405,665 in a 2011 census. It has been predicted that Nagpur will have an average growth of 8.41% between the years of 2019 and 2035, during which period it is expected to be the fifth-fastest-growing city in the world.

Nagpur: Facts about the Economy

Nagpur is a political and commercial center of Maharashtra and is an important city for banking. Nagpur has been ranked as one of the top “smart” cities in India. Many large information technology companies have locations in Nagpur’s IT parks. Nagpur is famous for its oranges. Nagpur is sometimes called the “Orange City” and cultivates the most oranges in India.