EB-5 Investors from Bellevue, Washington Seeking EB-5 Investment

EB-5 investment participants considering an EB-5 project in Bellevue, Washington should understand the incredible benefits waiting when they invest through an EB5AN regional center. Bellevue is the perfect backdrop for life-changing investments. This beautiful city of 150,000 people offers a small town feel with the hustle-and-bustle of a large city like Seattle right at your fingertips. EB5AN is available to help meet your goals every step of the way.

The EB5AN Bellevue, Washington Regional Center

The United States is large and full of possibilities. EB-5 investors from Bellevue can make their EB-5 investment in a project located anywhere in the United States, but they may choose to invest in a project a little closer to home.

Regional centers help to make your investments move along smoothly. So, although there are advantages to investing directly in a program-approved project, the majority of EB-5 investors choose to invest through a regional center. Invest with our EB5AN regional center and you automatically have experts in your corner to help guide you. They can help you with proposals and help you avoid the pitfalls many new investors commonly fall into. You will know exactly how many jobs your potential project will create, which means you’ll also have a firm grasp of how much capital you can expect to raise. Partner with the EB5AN regional center in Bellevue today and take advantage of a multitude of benefits.

Why Do Most EB-5 Investors Use Regional Centers?

EB-5 regional centers help to make the EB-5 investment process so much easier! Investing through a regional center makes your investment go so much smoother. One example is the indirect method of calculating jobs through an approved economic methodology, which allows EB-5 investors to show only that their invested resources were spent according to the business plan rather than documenting that full time (W-2) employees were hired and remained employed for at least two full years.

EB5AN maintains multiple USCIS-approved regional centers with broad geographic coverage, enabling it to immediately back promising EB-5 projects in cities across the United States, including Bellevue, Washington.

Green Card Benefits for Bellevue EB-5 Investors

Of course, the benefits for EB-5 investors don’t relate to business alone. There are a multitude of personal benefits you can reap for you and your family. This includes:

Residency and Citizenship Benefits

  • The ability to gain permanent residency status in the U.S. faster than you normally would for yourself, your spouse, and any children you have that are unmarried and under 21.
  • The ability to apply for U.S. citizenship five years after you secure your green card and establish permanent residency.
  • Retirees may access to pensions earned overseas and in the U.S. and may also qualify for programs such as Medicare.

Employment Benefits

  • H-1B work visa is not required to be held by green card holders to work.
  • You can live and work from anywhere you want in the U.S. There are no limits to which states you can choose to become a valuable community member of.
  • You do not need an employer to sponsor you to gain access to the U.S.

Travel Benefits

  • While some travel restrictions apply, any green card holder can leave and reenter the U.S. without being denied.
  • You can travel to any part of the United States you wish as a green card holder.
  • If there is a significant change in your home country or political shift, you and your family can gain entry to the United States immediately.

Education Benefits

  • Access to public schools is free to green card holders in the U.S. You are also eligible for lower-cost tuition at state colleges and universities.
  • As a U.S. resident, you have a better chance of being accepted at universities in the U.S. You may also qualify for in-state tuition, scholarships, and financial aid. Plus, you will have the ability to hold a job as you pursue your studies and internships.

Primary EB-5 Investment Requirements

EB-5 investments are great, but they do come with requirements. These include:

  • The minimum investment amount is $800,000 for EB-5 investments made in areas designated as targeted employment areas (TEAs). If you want to invest in a project located outside of a TEA, you must invest $1,050,000. It should be noted, however, that all of EB5AN’s EB-5 investment projects are located in TEAs and meet the criteria for the lower investment threshold of $800,000.
  • You are required to create and then preserve a minimum of 10 full-time positions for qualifying U.S. workers for at least two years.
  • Your investments must be made in either businesses that are struggling or new commercial investments.
  • At-risk status must be maintained for the duration of the investment. Also, all funds used in your investment must have been sourced legally.

How to Evaluate EB-5 Investment Projects

As an EB-5 investor based in Bellevue, it’s crucial to assess both financial and immigration risk when picking an EB-5 investment project. EB-5 visa investments have a requirement where the investment capital must be at risk for the period of the investment. Why? Well, this is simply the way the government can tell that you’re serious about the investment and it’s not merely something you’re doing to easily gain access to a U.S. green card.

You shouldn’t worry too much, though. The terminology of “at risk” does not imply that EB-5 investors are obliged to finance “risky” projects. In fact, EB-5 investors are encouraged to conduct thorough due diligence to help reduce their exposure to financial and immigration hazards.

EB5AN, in collaboration with Klasko Immigration Law Partners, has created an EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Tool for EB-5 investors. This tool is meant to help guide investors through the initial diligence of EB-5 projects from both financial and immigration risk perspectives.

Download our EB-5 Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire

EB-5 Investment in Bellevue

Bellevue: Population and Income Demographics

Bellevue means “beautiful view” in French. For anyone who has ever visited, you know that the name describes this place perfectly. Bellevue stretches across 36.47 square miles and includes 4.5 square miles of water. It’s proximity to the ocean is what attracts many tourists and is a source of joy for many residents, too. Bellevue is located in the Eastside region of King County and is one of the largest cities in the Seattle metropolitan area. Before 2008, downtown Bellevue resembled more of a classic small town, but a number of major high-rise projects have given it a facelift.

The Culture and Economy of Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue is bustling with 1,300 businesses and over 45,000 employees. Many people want to live in this area, and it has a reputation for being a great place to create a life for yourself. In fact, Bellevue earned gold in CNNMoney’s “best places to live and launch a business” in 2008. Since that designation, it has only continued to grow in the hearts and minds of people from all over, with many major businesses such as Expedia and T-Mobile making Bellevue their headquarters.

There’s no doubt about it, Bellevue has become a central place for major corporations and startups. Commercial districts and shopping centers, such as Bellevue Square, attract tourists as well as those looking to invest. It also consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in America.

EB-5 Investors from Bellevue

Residents of Bellevue, Washing have a wide array of EB-5 investment projects available to them. EB-5 investors can find out more about EB5 investment projects that are open to investment and backed by an EB5AN EB-5 regional center.

People from every corner of the world can find a place to belong in Bellevue, and a place a invest. If you are considering making an EB-5 investment, the team at EB5AN can help. To discover more about the EB-5 investment opportunities presently available, please schedule a call by clicking here.