What to Look For in an EB-5 Immigration Attorney and an EB-5 Project: Amit’s Story

My name is Amit. I’m an Indian national who relocated to the United States in 2013 with my family. I work as a software engineer, which made it possible for my wife and me to move here on an H-1B work visa.

We recently invested in the EB-5 visa. In our opinion, the EB-5 program is the most practical way for us to get U.S. Green Cards.

In this article, I hope to share actionable advice that will help other EB-5 investors maximize their chances of success—and protect their invested capital.

Why We Chose the EB-5 Visa

After enjoying life in the U.S., we decided we wanted to become permanent residents. At first, our approach was to get an EB-2 visa, an employment-based immigration category. However, the long waiting list, especially for Indian nationals, meant we would likely wait for a decade or more to get our green cards.

Upon evaluating other options, we considered the EB-1 process, which involved moving to a different country with the same company. Though it promised faster processing times, it was not viable with our family commitments. Consequently, we shifted our attention to the EB-5 investment route, a decision that opened a new chapter in our journey.

Finding a competent and trustworthy immigration attorney was our first challenge in this new venture.

How to Find an Immigration Attorney

We did extensive online research, making enquiries about the top EB-5 attorneys, and seeking recommendations from our friends.

This process led us to Anahita George. Her fast response times, transparent communication, and ability to explain complex matters in simple terms gave us confidence. In Anahita, we found an attorney who not only specialized in EB-5 but also valued effective communication—an essential attribute in the lengthy, detail-oriented EB-5 process.

With Anahita’s guidance, we embarked on the critical task of documenting the source of our funds. Thankfully, we were able to use funds we had saved in the U.S., avoiding the complexity of transferring overseas funds.

The process was understandably thorough, but Anahita was incredibly efficient, often responding to our questions within 15 minutes. In about 15 days, we were able to gather and prepare all the necessary documentation.

What to Look For in an EB-5 Project

Once we had our attorney and paperwork in order, we needed to find the right project for our investment.

After much consideration, we chose the Twin Lakes rural EB-5 project. Its rural designation, with the promise of faster processing times for our Green Card, was highly appealing.

However, it was the project’s builder, Kolter, that truly reassured us about the security of our investment. Kolter has a solid reputation and a track record of weathering economic storms, such as the 2008 recession. They have never failed to complete a project or to repay a loan.

Another significant factor was the progress of the Twin Lakes project. Already more than half of the required jobs were created, and the project was over halfway complete.

This gave us the confidence that our investment was not only secure, but also that our green cards were likely to be granted. We relied on testimonials and my wife’s experience in real estate to assess the project’s viability.

We also found our dealings with EB5AN, the regional center overseeing the project, to be very helpful. Their professionalism, transparency, and quick responses helped clarify many of our doubts.

My Advice for Other EB-5 Investors

Reflecting on our journey, I’d advise anyone considering an EB-5 investment to carry out a thorough evaluation of potential projects. The reputation, experience, and commitment of the builder are key.

In terms of choosing an immigration attorney, I’d highly recommend Anahita, especially for Indian clients. Her knowledge and expertise in dealing with different sources of funds is exceptional.

With the right guidance and EB-5 project, this journey can be rewarding. We look forward to getting our U.S. Green Cards through the EB-5 program in the near future. I recommend any foreign national interested in permanent residency to strongly consider EB-5 immigration for its streamlined and practical nature.