Twin Lakes Georgia Sales Remain Strong Despite Rising Interest Rates; Project Moves Closer to Completion

Twin Lakes Georgia is a single-family home community near Atlanta, Georgia. It has many best-in-class features, making it a great opportunity for EB-5 investors. The project’s impressive sales success lowers financial risk. And because all jobs required for EB-5 investors have already been created, the project has significantly reduced immigration risk.

Twin Lakes’ home sales have remained strong in 2023 despite economic uncertainty and rising interest rates. This article explores why Twin Lakes is performing so well and considers what that means for the project’s EB-5 investors.

Given its current and anticipated future success, Twin Lakes is an ideal choice for EB-5 investors.

Strong Home Sales Continue Into 2023

Since 2020, the Twin Lakes project has experienced remarkable sales. As of March 16, 2023, a total of 486 homes have been sold and 334 homes have been completed and delivered.

Twin Lakes experienced significant demand in 2022 with 169 homes sold. The average number of sales for 2022 was 14 home sales per month (169 home sales / 12 months = 14 home sales per month).

This trend has continued into 2023. In February, 14 more homes were sold.

When Will Twin Lakes Sell Out All Its Home Units?

At the current sales pace, how long will it take for the Twin Lakes project to sell all its remaining homes?

The Twin Lakes community will have a total of 1,300 homes. Since 486 have already been sold, 814 homes remain.

The entire Twin Lakes community could sell out in as little as 58 months. This assumes a continued average of 14 home sales per month, which is demonstrated by the most recent sales data (814 remaining homes / 14 home sales per month = 58.1 months or 4.8 years).

This sales timeline is hypothetical and based on recent sales. Within about five years, all or nearly all of the homes at Twin Lakes could be sold. This is positive news for EB-5 investors in Twin Lakes. With this level of demand, EB-5 investors will not have to wait for an extended period for the project to completely sell out.

EB-5 Job Creation Is Complete

Strong sales have resulted in the construction of infrastructure, amenities, and hundreds of homes. As a result of construction spending, Twin Lakes has already created the necessary jobs for all of its EB-5 investors. In other words, new EB-5 investors are already guaranteed to be credited with at least the 10 jobs required for EB-5 immigration. The ample existing job creation significantly raises EB-5 investors’ chances of getting their U.S. Green Cards.

Siddarth, an Indian EB-5 Investor, spent a great deal of time researching the Twin Lakes Georgia project. Here is his advice for anyone who wants to invest in an EB-5 project like this.


High Sales Volumes Continue Despite Economic Uncertainty

The general economic outlook for the United States in February 2023 was uncertain. The consumer price index rose 6% year-on-year. Additionally, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate to 4.50%-4.75%, which is the highest it has been since October 2007.

With higher costs of living, many residential real estate developments are experiencing a lull in sales. That is not the case with Twin Lakes.

Approximately half of the buyers in Twin Lakes do not rely on mortgages or other financing. Instead, they pay “with cash” and provide part of the amount in a non-refundable deposit. In this way, the development does not run the risk of a buyer backing out or having their mortgage denied. This also allows home sales to close faster, with the funds becoming available to the developer sooner than otherwise possible.

Moreover, many of the homes in Twin Lakes are pre-purchased before they are built. These sales provide further assurance that the developer will have the funds needed for construction.

Many buyers in Twin Lakes are purchasing their second or third homes. They often boast stronger financial profiles than younger homebuyers.

A Senior Revolving Loan Arrangement Provides Further Security

Another financial strength of the Twin Lakes project is its senior loan. Twin Lakes has a senior revolving loan arrangement as its principal construction funding source.

Under a revolving loan, a lender agrees to extend a line of credit to the developer up to a specified limit. The developer can then draw funds from this credit line as needed, pay down the balance, and then borrow more. Interest is charged only on the outstanding balance.

Having this flexible form of credit throughout the course of construction makes it easier to manage cash flow and respond to changing project requirements. The pace of construction can be adjusted to meet current demand.

Active Adult Communities Are in High Demand

The continued success of Twin Lakes can be attributed in part to its thriving target market. Twin Lakes is an active adult community, which is attractive to the senior and retiree population segment.

In recent years, retiring seniors have become one of the wealthiest population segments in the United States. With increasing lifespans, they are now seeking to lead healthier, more active lives. As a result, Twin Lakes is an attractive investment in a growing real estate asset class.

Projects like Twin Lakes are expected to continue to be in high demand due to a growing senior population. By 2036, seniors are expected to make up approximately 20% of the American population.

Population in Sunbelt states like Georgia is expected to grow in the coming years. This growth will further bolster the demand for single-family home communities like Twin Lakes.

These factors show how Twin Lakes’ strong sales are likely to continue. Since the project has already secured its financing, its continued success will not be as affected by changing interest rates or other volatile economic factors.

Twin Lakes Offers Exceptional Amenities and Lifestyle

Twin Lakes is a beautifully designed community that offers a high standard of living to its residents. The Kolter Group, Twin Lakes’ developer, has a strong reputation for quality construction and thoughtful design. The homes and amenities at Twin Lakes make it an attractive choice for discerning homebuyers.

The single-family homes at Twin Lakes are designed to meet the needs and preferences of active adults. Homes have open floor plans, energy-efficient features, and modern amenities. Buyers may choose from a range of options to personalize their homes to match their lifestyles and tastes.

On March 4, 2023, Twin Lakes opened its clubhouse, which features a state-of-the-art gym, lounge, game room, pool, and ballroom. It has additional event spaces, features lakeside views, and offers other leisure areas for residents to enjoy.

Twin Lakes offers a full suite of amenities and services that cater to the diverse interests of its residents. In addition to the new clubhouse, Twin Lakes boasts a range of outdoor recreational facilities. These include tennis and pickleball courts, walking and biking trails, and lush, landscaped parks. Residents can also take advantage of the well-maintained golf course, which offers both challenge and enjoyment for golfers of all skill levels.

To foster a strong sense of community and engagement, Twin Lakes has an on-site lifestyle director. This person’s role is to plan and organize various events and activities throughout the year. These include art classes, fitness programs, and holiday celebrations. The community also has many social clubs. Residents at Twin Lakes have many opportunities to keep active, entertained, and connected.

Twin Lakes Is in a Prime Location

Twin Lakes is in a prime location near Atlanta, Georgia. Residents have easy access to shopping centers, restaurants, healthcare, and cultural attractions. The community is just a short drive from Atlanta’s bustling city life. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is about an hour away. Twin Lakes is ideally located for residents to travel and to explore the wider region.

Georgia has a mild climate and abundant natural beauty, which makes Twin Lakes an ideal destination for those who love the outdoors. Residents can explore the state’s picturesque mountains, pristine lakes, and sprawling parks. Opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation are nearly endless.

The Developer Has a Proven Track Record

The Kolter Group is a successful developer with a proven track record building residential communities across the United States. Kolter has developed a range of projects worth more than $19 billion. The company is known for its focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Kolter’s reputation and Twin Lakes’ solid financial performance offers EB-5 investors added confidence that their investments in Twin Lakes are safe.

EB5AN and Kolter have partnered for more than 10 EB-5 projects. All of these projects have received USCIS approval.

Twin Lakes Offers Exceptional Immigration and Financial Safety

Twin Lakes Georgia offers a unique and promising opportunity for EB-5 investors. It has a strong sales history, high demand, and focuses on a growing and affluent demographic. The project offers quality construction, exceptional amenities, and a prime location. These features and the proven track record of Kolter make Twin Lakes a great choice for EB-5 investors.

The main concern for EB-5 investors is immigration success and a return of their capital. Twin Lakes has already created enough jobs for all EB-5 investors, which lowers immigration risk. It has strong sales, which lowers financial risk.

For more information on Twin Lakes and the advantages it offers to EB-5 investors, contact EB5AN.

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