First I-526 Approval for EB5AN’s Saltaire St. Petersburg EB-5 Project

EB5AN’s Saltaire St. Petersburg (Phase I) project has reached a major milestone: an investor recently received USCIS approval for Form I-526 without any request for evidence or “RFE” from USCIS. I-526 approval allows investors to receive their initial Green Cards and thus live and work in the United States.

View Saltaire I-526 Approval Notice

This first I-526 approval for Saltaire St. Petersburg shows that EB5AN’s and Kolter’s EB-5 investment approach satisfies EB-5 program rules. Our investors can rest assured that our projects meet all USCIS requirements for EB-5 immigration.

Further, this approval continues a solid track record, following five other successful EB-5 condominium projects with Kolter that have received already received USCIS approval.

EB5AN managing partner Sam Silverman commented on how the I-526 approval is the latest result of EB5AN’s strict diligence criteria for EB-5 projects: “At EB5AN, our first priority is to maximize our investors’ chances of getting their Green Cards and a timely return of their investment funds. Therefore, we only work with established developers—like Kolter—that offer financially viable investments and comply with USCIS EB-5 program requirements.”

“This latest approval,” Silverman continues, “simply adds to our long track record of success for our EB-5 investors. EB5AN continues to enjoy a 100% USCIS EB-5 regional center project approval rate for our managed projects and many of our EB-5 investors already hold permanent Green Cards.”

Getting a U.S. Green Card Through Form I-526

Form I-526 is the critical first step for EB-5 investors seeking their initial Green Cards. USCIS uses this application to determine if an investor’s project meets the necessary immigration requirements.

Key considerations for approval include the project’s financial viability and its ability to create at least 10 jobs per EB-5 investor, as verified through the business plan and accompanying documentation.

The strict criteria underscore the importance of selecting an EB-5 project that satisfies USCIS’s expectations—an EB-5 investor’s immigration outcome largely depends on this.

Upon Form I-526 approval, EB-5 investors can obtain Green Cards (initially valid for two years) and live and work in the United States.

“In essence, Form I-526 consists of two sections: the project documentation and the source-of-funds documentation,” notes EB5AN managing partner Mike Schoenfeld. “Thanks to our latest USCIS approval, our investors in Saltaire St. Petersburg (Phase I) can rest assured that everything on the project side of Form I-526 will be compliant. This gets our investors even closer to their permanent Green Cards.”

EB5AN’s and Kolter’s Impeccable EB-5 Track Record

Our track record of success, marked by over 10 projects with the Kolter Group, has seen EB5AN’s investors steadily advance through the EB-5 immigration process. All previous EB5AN and Kolter projects have attained USCIS approval and have either been successfully developed or are still under construction.

This makes our EB-5 offerings an exceptionally safe option for applicants seeking both Green Cards and to protect their hard-earned funds.

The Kolter Group, one of the largest private developers in the United States with over $24 billion of development experience across more than 180 projects, has partnered with EB5AN to offer best in class EB-5 investment opportunities to foreign nationals. In addition, Kolter has never defaulted on a loan or failed to complete a project since its inception in 1997. All EB5AN EB-5 investments with Kolter are in good standing or have already been repaid.

Get Your U.S. Green Card Through an EB5AN and Kolter Project

The recent I-526 approval for Saltaire St. Petersburg (Phase I) is a testament to EB5AN’s and Kolter’s successful approach to EB-5 condominium projects. Our consistent record of USCIS-approved projects and financial successes offers a secure pathway for investors seeking EB-5 Green Cards.

Two Best-in-Class EB-5 Projects

Currently, EB5AN and Kolter are offering two industry-leading EB-5 projects: Twin Lakes Georgia, and Saltaire St. Petersburg (Phase II). Both projects have fulfilled EB-5 program job creation requirements, significantly maximizing investors’ chances of securing permanent Green Cards.

Further, both these projects have achieved remarkable financial success with strong sales. This makes it more likely for investors to get a timely return on their invested funds.

Both projects qualify for set-aside EB-visas, which allow Chinese and Indian nationals to get their Green Cards years earlier than otherwise possible.

We encourage you to view our series of testimonial interviews to find out why investors from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities have chosen the Twin Lakes and Saltaire projects. In these interviews, investors explain how they went about selecting EB-5 projects and why EB5AN’s and Kolter’s offerings stood out as the best.

The partnership between EB5AN and Kolter brings together expertise and experience in the real estate sector with a deep understanding of the EB-5 program. This collaboration has proven its merit time and again, yielding successful projects that comply with USCIS requirements and deliver on investors’ immigration and financial goals.

If you are seeking to live and work in the United States, EB5AN and Kolter offer the perfect blend of opportunity and assurance. Our projects are meticulously structured to satisfy USCIS standards, while our track record showcases our commitment to the successful immigration of our investors and the security of their investments.

For further guidance on how to secure a Green Card through a low-risk EB-5 project, we invite you to reach out to EB5AN today. We stand ready to guide you on your journey to achieving your American dream.