ONE St. Petersburg

ONE St. Petersburg
Luxury Condominiums

  • 41-story luxury condominium development in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida
  • USCIS I-924 Exemplar Approval
  • Construction reached 41st (top) floor
  • Job requirement met for all investors
  • 100% of condominium units pre-sold
  • Senior loan agreement with Wells Fargo
  • 22.2 EB-5 eligible jobs per investor
  • Construction completion guarantee
  • I-526 refund guarantee

EB-5 Offering Summary

EB-5 Offering$49,500,000
Min. Investment$500,000
Term5 Years
I-924 ExemplarUSCIS Approved
Security & GuaranteesI-526 Refund & Completion Guarantees

ONE St. Petersburg Project Summary

ONE St. Petersburg EB-5 Project is a loan style investment where EB-5 investors will invest in the construction and development of a 41-story luxury condominium tower in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The project is already under construction and has reached the 41st (top) floor as of January 15, 2018. The ONE St. Petersburg project has already pre-sold 100% of the available condominiums (253 units) and the project has received I-924 exemplar pre-approval from USCIS.

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    ONE St. Petersburg Project Details

    ONE St. Petersburg involves the development of a new mixed-use real estate project consisting of condominiums and retail space in a 41-story tower. The Project contains approximately 475,328 square feet of sellable residential space and approximately 17,129 square feet of ground-level retail.

    ONE St. Petersburg is a beautiful 41-story tower housing 253 luxury condominiums and expansive retail space. Guests will enjoy waterfront views from private terraces, an amenity deck on the 7th floor (including a pool, spa, fitness center, and game room), parking, meeting rooms, and a library. Upon completion, ONE will be St. Petersburg’s tallest building, an iconic and modern addition to the city’s skyline.

    ONE is situated on a desirable lot in downtown St. Petersburg with direct access to the city’s commercial district, high-end dining and nightlife, and highly rated waterfront park system.

    ONE St. Petersburg EB-5 Project Team


    One of the largest private developers in the United States, The Kolter Group LLC, together with its predecessors and affiliates, has invested in real estate projects totaling over $15 billion in value (both realized and in-process). The company is headquartered in south Florida with four (4) divisions – Homes, Urban, Hospitality, and Land – and has developed thousands of single-family homes, condominium units, hotel rooms, and finished land lots in Florida. The company has borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars over its 20+ year history and has never defaulted on a single loan.


    NES Financial Solutions is innovative in implementing a fund tracking system to offer fund security and account transparency for investors and project administrators. NES Financial clients include many of the world’s largest corporations, commercial real estate owners, developers, and major financial institutions. The firm has overseen more than 300 EB-5 projects and has helped manage more than $1.2 billion in total EB-5 funds. Thousands of investors have obtained their Green Cards through the EB-5 process with NES Financial.


    Marcum LLP is one of the largest independent public accounting and advisory services firms in the United States, with offices throughout the U.S., Grand Cayman, and China. They offer an extensive range of professional services and a high degree of specialization. Marcum is a founding member of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA). As the second-largest international professional association, LEA Global can open doors in the more than 106 countries where its 220 member firms operate.


    EB5 Affiliate Network is a national EB-5 consulting and investment firm with of a unique team from a diverse set of institutional backgrounds including business strategy, private equity, capital markets, and real estate as well as securities, tax, and immigration law. The firm’s diverse backgrounds give it an advantage in identifying and structuring EB-5 deals from a professional finance perspective with established developers in the United States who are interested in creating economically feasible and financially sound EB-5 projects.


    Established in 2001, Signature Bank is a full-service commercial bank in New York City. Its total assets exceed $26 billion. Signature Bank’s clients consist mostly of private entities, each with a net worth of at least $20 million. It is traded in the U.S. stock market on NASDAQ with the trade symbol SBNY. Signature Bank was voted by Forbes Magazine in 2014 as the #1 publicly traded bank in the U.S.

    Since 2004, Dr. Paul Sommers has been a professor at the Institute of Public Service and at the Albers School of Business, Seattle University. His expertise focuses on regional development, regional economics, and workforce forecasting. Dr. Sommers currently serves on the board of the Pacific Northwest Regional Economics Conference. He holds a PhD in Economics from Yale University.


    KAST Construction was designed and built by top executives from the nation’s largest and most prestigious construction firms. These industry leaders share a passion for continuous improvement, professionalism, and attention to detail. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, KAST has expertise in varied industries from healthcare and hospitality to commercial and multifamily residential development.

    Common Private Placement & EB-5 Risk Factors

    Private placements, including those offered through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, are subject to U.S. securities laws and regulations. Private placements and EB-5 offerings have extensive risks and are speculative in nature. Therefore, it is important that anyone considering participating in a private placement or EB-5 offering understand the risks associated with such offerings.

    Nothing contained in this website should be considered an offer to sell securities. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Only a formal, privately distributed offering memorandum and appropriate securities documents, fully executed by an accredited investor, will represent a sale of investment.

    Private Placements

    Private placements, including those offered through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, are subject to U.S. securities laws and regulations. Private placements and EB-5 offerings have extensive risks and are speculative in nature. Therefore, it is important that anyone considering participating in a private placement or EB-5 offering understand the risks associated with such offerings.

    Financial Risk Factors

    Below are several financial risk factors that are common among private placements and EB-5 offerings. This list is not comprehensive and official offering documents should be reviewed with an appropriate professional prior to making any investment decisions.

    • Investors may lose their entire investment including additional costs and fees paid
    • Investment capital is not guaranteed and does not have rights of redemption
    • Returns are not guaranteed
    • Investments may not be transferable or may have limited transferability
    • Investments are usually in an illiquid security
    • If investment is in a new business enterprise it may have limited or no operating history
    • Investments may be subordinate to other financing arrangements
    • Investments might not be secured against an asset or may have limited security
    • Fraud or misuse of funds may occur

    Immigration Risk Factors (EB-5 Offerings)

    • An investor may be denied a visa for reasons including, but not limited to:
    • Providing false or misleading information to USCIS or other government agencies
    • Having certain political affiliations
    • Having certain medical conditions
    • Having committed certain crimes or having violated certain rules and regulations
    • An investor may be denied a permanent visa for reasons including, but not limited to:
    • Not creating the requisite number of jobs
    • If the investment was not sustained or at risk during the requisite investment time period
    • If a material change to the business plan has occurred
    • An investor’s child may “age out” and become ineligible for a visa under the parent’s application
    • If regional center designation is revoked
    • USCIS may revise existing policy that could cause a previously submitted petition to be denied
    • Congress may substantially change immigration laws and retroactively apply them
    • Congress may cancel or allow the EB-5 regional center program to lapse